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2 years ago

Getting your hands on a new transponder can be tricky and costly when you go through your car dealership. Some people may find themselves at a complete loss as to where they can find a replacement or fix the one they already have, but UK Auto Locksmith can help.

What Is a Transponder Key for a Car?

Many modern cars use car keys with a transporter for added security. They help protect against theft by sending a unique signal that the vehicle needs before it can unlock. The low-frequency signal is transmitted by a microchip within the key to a remote receiver in the car. It recognizes and verifies that the person opening the car is, in fact, the owner.

The car key programming makes it significantly more difficult to break into or steal a vehicle. Hotwiring is impossible since the car cannot start before detecting the unique transponder key signal and serial number.

Types of Car Transponder Keys

Car transponder keys come in two main types: zero-bitted and encrypted. The difference between the two is the way they are set up. A zero-bitted key has no set inscription and can be cloned to match any car. Encrypted keys, however, are pre-set with a specific code that needs programming to the vehicle.

You can tell what type of key you have when the locksmith is setting it up. Encrypted keys need to be hooked up to the car via a specialty device and configured that way. A zero-bitted key is inserted into a machine alongside an existing key for cloning.

How to Tell if a Car has a Transponder Key?

If your car is a reasonably new model, you almost definitely have a transponder key. Very few manufacturers these days make vehicles without one. There are a few ways to find out whether or not you have car keys with a transponder.

  • Look at the key- usually, the top part of the key is thick and chunky with car transponder keys. If the top of the key is slim and flat, then it is probably a standard design.
  • Call your dealership to inquire about the cost of replacement car keys. If the price seems far too high for an average key cutting, then it is probably a transponder. Instead of costing a few pounds, you may be out more than £100!
  • Try out a little science experiment. Wrap the top part of the key (the thicker part) with a good amount of tin foil, ensuring it is completely covered. If the car does not start when you turn the ignition, your key has transponder programming.

Transponder Keys

Where Can you Repair or Replace Car Transponder Keys and How Much Does It Cost?

Car transponder keys are a little more complicated than normal car keys and cause more problems if lost. Getting a car transponder key replacement is expensive, sometimes costing several hundred pounds.

A trusted locksmith is the best option for replacing a lost transponder key, as long as they have the correct machinery (a car transponder key programmer) to program it correctly. Car dealerships can also help, but they tend to charge more per key.

Repairing a broken transponder can be just as expensive if the microchip is damaged. The chip is what adds all the expense to this type of key replacement since it is never cheap to buy.

The best advice for anyone with a set of car transponder keys is to have a copy made. Always have a spare set to avoid timely and costly replacements.

Can you Lock Car Transponder Keys in the Car?

Car lockout is one of the most frustrating and inconvenient things, and it always happens at the worst time! In some cases, it can be dangerous if an animal or child is locked inside.

Luckily, it is impossible to lock yourself out of your car with a transponder key since the signal automatically unlocks it!

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Avoid the need for replacement and reprogramming by making a copy of your transponder key- it is always better to be prepared. If you are caught short, we are here to help.