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Car key cutting is usually offered by car dealerships and general locksmiths. However, using an automotive locksmith specialised in this service is the ideal choice for you. There will always be situations where having a spare car key will come in handy. Suppose you get locked out of your car with the key in the ignition, or you misplace your keys and simply cannot find them, or it so happens that your car key is either bent or broken. In such situations, you can easily use the spare one and save yourself a lot of trouble.

UK Auto locksmith team has the proper experience and equipment to help 24/7 in any Emergency Locksmith case within 30 minute response time. 

✅ No call-out charge
✅ 30min response time
✅ Up to 12 months warranty
✅ 2nd key up to 50% off


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Cutting a new key might also be a good idea if your current one is nearly the end of its service life, and UK Auto Locksmith provides professional services at affordable prices for all your car key needs.

Remote repair

Cutting a spare car key?

Older car models have keys that are easy to replicate. The newer models though, have car locking systems that vary from model to model and also have unique security features. Remote car locking systems, for example, use transponder chips that would have to be coded to the car. For the newer models we offer car lockout service, car ignition switch, etc.

In light of this, car key cutting prices are likely to be more expensive than expected for many automobile owners. Dealerships tend to charge unreasonable amounts for the parts used to cut a new car key. Dealer ship could take about 5-10 working days to get your keys received while we doing it all on spot within the hour!

However, choosing a specialist in car key cutting and programming, like UK Auto Locksmith, would ensure that you save on the expense while also receiving quality services. The competitive pricing model is available to all customers so they get to have a new car key cut without it burning a hole through their pocket.

Transponder key cutting AND PROGRAMMING

While old generations of vehicles have metal keys that can be easily cut by pretty much anyone who has a key cutting machine within reach (and if that person happens to be an experienced specialist, he might even be able to read the necessary code that should be carved in the metal part of the key by simply looking at a key or at its photo), Transponder keys also require an electronic chip programming job to be done.

That electronic chip communicates with the car’s ignition in order to verify that the key that is being used is really an original key (or a professionally made copy of it, produced by an authorized auto locksmith technician) and not a fake duplicate. Our specialists at UK Auto Locksmith have the necessary knowledge, software and hardware that is needed in order to provide Transponder programming services for all makes and models of cars.

If you found yourself in need of a car key cut in a hurry in London, UK Auto Locksmith has a 25-minute response time and helps get you sorted with best-in-class services. Car key cutting is simpler and more affordable with the right car locksmith in London.

What types of car keys can be cut and programmed

Almost all types of automotive keys, including traditional metal keys, transponder keys with chips, key fobs, smart keys, and even digital car keys can be expertly cut and programmed by professional locksmiths. Each key type requires specific cutting and programming techniques, sometimes involving manual methods, laser cutting machines, or electronic equipment for modern smart keys.

How does car key cutting work?

The car key cutting process creates a new working key based on an existing original or by decoding the vehicle’s unique identification number (VIN) if the original is lost. Cutting can be done manually, by machine, or through electronic programming for advanced keys. Key duplication may require a combination of precision cutting and electronic programming, especially for keys with transponder chips.

Can a locksmith make any car key?

Yes, experienced auto locksmiths have the skills and resources to fabricate virtually any type of car key, from basic metal keys to high-security laser-cut and transponder keys. With extensive key databases and specialized equipment, professional locksmiths can provide key solutions for all vehicle makes and models.

What should I consider when choosing between a locksmith and a dealership?

When deciding between an automotive locksmith and a dealership for key cutting services, consider factors like cost, convenience, and service range. Locksmiths typically offer more competitive pricing, faster turnaround times, and a wider array of key services including emergency callouts. Dealerships may be preferable for very specialized keys but tend to be more expensive.

Are there DIY methods for cutting car keys, and are they recommended?

While DIY car key cutting is possible for basic metal keys, it is generally not advised due to the precision and complexity involved, especially for modern electronic keys. Cutting keys without professional training and tools risks damaging the keys or locks. For quality results and avoiding potential security issues, it’s best to utilize an experienced automotive locksmith’s services.

How long does it take to cut and program a car key?

The time required depends on the key type and complexity. Basic metal keys can be cut within minutes, but smart keys with electronic components may take 30-60 minutes for cutting and programming. More complicated cases could take even longer.

Can a newly cut key be used for advanced features like keyless entry?

Absolutely. Smart keys cut by a professional locksmith are programmed not just for lock/unlock, but also for sensor functions, keyless entry systems, and any other features per the vehicle’s original specifications.

Is it advisable to have a spare car key cut before losing the original?

Yes, there are several advantages to having a spare car key cut preemptively before losing the original. It prevents having to reprogram the entire key system and avoids other challenges when there’s no existing key to work from. A spare key also provides essential backup in case of loss or theft.

Can replacement car keys contain the same security codes as originals?

Yes, when new car keys are cut by a qualified locksmith, they are programmed with the same security codes and transponders as the original keys according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Professionally cut and coded replacements are functionally identical to factory originals.

Do all locksmiths specialize in cutting and programming car keys?

Not necessarily. Car key cutting, especially for smart keys with transponders and advanced technologies, is a specialty field requiring specific expertise and equipment. It’s advisable to seek out a locksmith who specializes in automotive key services across different key types.