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Emergency car key replacement in London: Speedy, Affordable Cost, Professional

Car lockouts can be frustrating, to say the least. There’s nothing more vexing than losing your car keys when you’re late for an important event, such as a meeting or a date.

Regardless of what car lockout woes you’re facing, we at UK Auto Locksmith are here to help you get a new pair of keys ASAP.

We provide key replacements for multiple different car brands, such as Audi Car Key Replacement, Hyundai Car Key Replacement, Mini Cooper car key replacement, and Kia car key replacement.

✅ No call-out charge
✅ 30min response time
✅ Up to 12 months warranty
✅ 2nd key up to 50% off

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Key repair

Key repair

What Is the Cost of Car Key Replacement?

If you’re reading this article, you might need to replace your car key or prepare for it, just in case. Either way, replacing your car key can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you don’t know how much the cost of replacement car keys is. In this post, you can find out the cost of replacing your car key.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Car Key Replacement

Before replacing your car key, consider that several conditions may determine your car key replacement cost. Those factors are:


  1. Type of Key

Most of the time, the more advanced and high-tech the key is, the pricier it would be to replace it. A traditional metal key should not be expensive since it doesn’t require intricate programming. On the other hand, a key with smart features can get quite costly to replace.

  1. Car Make and Model

A BMW key replacement cost would not be the same as a VW replacement key. Likewise, don’t be surprised when a new car key’s cost differs from an old model’s, even though they’re from the same manufacturer.


  1. Location

The place you live also determines the price of replacing your car key. If you live in a big and expensive city like London, finding more affordable car key replacement options might be more challenging. You might get a better chance of finding reasonable prices for car keys in another city.


  1. Method of Replacement

To replace your car keys, you would usually go to an official dealer or a locksmith. A dealership would probably give higher rates, but they generally are the ones you trust the most to handle your car. If you’re more worried about the price, a locksmith might be a better option.

The method of replacement is not only about which store you go to. It’s also about how your keys are replaced or your required service. Take a look at this price list:

  • For lockout- Start from £120
  • For Lost key- Start from £180
  • For Key Repair- Start from £130
  • For Copy Key- Start from £150
  • For Key replacement- Start from £150
  • For Ignition Repair/replacement- Start from £300


You can see how some replacement methods are more expensive or affordable than others.

The Average Cost of Car Key Replacement

Let’s explore the average cost of replacing different types of car keys.


  1. Key Fob Replacement

The price of key fob replacement varies depending on the mentioned factors. However, you can expect it to start from £160 on average. On the costlier side, you might have to pay £300 or more. Remember that the price might include or not include the programming price.


  1. Traditional Metal Key Replacement

Nowadays, it’s quite rare to find a traditional metal car key without an electronic fob. Some cars might even have a feature that allows you to drive without a key. If you have one of those cars, you should probably worry more about your car battery replacement cost.


Even though the traditional metal key for cars is obsolete, there’s some good news. It is very cheap to replace. You can make a copy of it for as low as £10.


  1. Smart Key Replacement

A smart car key usually has more advanced features than a conventional key fob, but being more advanced doesn’t always mean being more expensive. Again, there are more factors to consider, such as your car brand or model. On average, dealers or locksmiths would charge you around £250 for a smart car key replacement.


  1. High-security Key Replacement

High-security car keys are tricky to replace or copy. Their main feature is safety, so it would take considerable resources to modify them. You can expect the price to replace this key to be around £200 to £600.


Ways to Reduce the Cost of Key Replacement

Using an automotive locksmith’s service will be a good idea if you want to cut the cost of car key replacement. They can provide keys of the same quality as the original ones at significantly lower rates. Some of them are open 24/7, so you can rely on them in an emergency.


Call UK Auto Locksmith anytime and we will be at your location anywhere in London within 30 minutes!

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Here’s a list of our diverse services:

Emergency Car Lockout Service: Be it New Year’s Eve, Christmas, or any other public holiday, our team is available for your assistance 24/7 – 365 days a year.

Key and Remote Repair: Facing some technical issues with the key/remote? Our technicians will resolve them in no time!

Ignition Repair: Whether it’s a stuck lock or issues with the ignition cylinder, our team has experience dealing with all types of ignition malfunctions.

Car Key Programming: We program your car keys by reading the information acquired via the OBD Plug. The process facilitates speedy car key programming and also avoids any technical complications.

Locks Picking and Decoding: Our skilled technicians pick your lock without causing any damage to the car.

Why Choose UK Auto Locksmith For Car Key Replacement in London?

UK Auto Locksmith is one of the most renowned auto locksmiths in London. Not only do we offer top-grade service quality but our replacement car keys cost is also much lower than a dealership’s.

Over the years, we’ve remained the #1 choice among car owners in the city. Here’s why:

Diverse Automotive Services: We offer a broad range of car locksmith services such as car key programming, car key cutting, key/remote repair, EEPROM jobs, etc.

24/7/365 Service: Our automotive services are available 24/7, irrespective of rush hours, bank holidays, etc.

Competitive Response Time: We offer the most competitive response time in London of less than an hour. You can expect to get back on the road quickly and painlessly.

Feasible Rates: Our service charges are inexpensive and devoid of any hidden costs/extra fees.

Trained and Qualified Staff: We only hire technicians who have considerable work experience. They’re also mandated to have a list of technical qualifications.

Broad Service Range: Our service centres are located in over 15 different regions in and around London, such as Guildford, Bromley, and Hertfordshire.

Spare car key cutting service

How UK Auto Locksmith Can Help You Get a Car Key Replacement

Over the years, UK Auto Locksmith has serviced around 40 different car brands, ranging from Honda to BMW. Our success record is visible on sites like Trustpilot, wherein we’ve garnered a string of consistent 5-star ratings from satisfied customers.

Some of the major reasons for our popularity are our speedy service and inexpensive rates. Not only do we offer a replacement key instantly, but also our car key replacement cost is a fraction of that of a dealership.

If you’re amid a car lockout, then don’t worry. Our team will come to your aid in a jiffy! Just send us a text or give us a call and we’re there.


How to Find Reliable Car Key Replacement Services in Your Area?

Finding a “locksmith for cars near me” goes beyond calling anyone and asking for help. Unfortunately, not all locksmiths will do a proper job with your vehicle and can even worsen the problem if they don’t know what they’re doing.

Now, let’s say you’ve spent some time looking for a “locksmith near me for cars,” how do you know you’re choosing the right one?

Take some of the following examples to help you make a better decision:


Experience and Services

This is one of the most important aspects when finding a “car keys replacement near me.” A reliable car locksmith will offer you a wide range of services and will also demonstrate that they have the right experience with your vehicle.

In essence, your best bet is to find someone who can offer car key programming, key cutting, remote repair, and more services. That way, you ensure that the person you’re hiring will definitely be able to fix your problem regardless of what it is.



Although you may be tempted to hire the cheapest locksmith in an effort to save money, that can bring you more problems in the long run. We know locksmith services aren’t affordable all the time, but if you find someone who can justify their prices with evidence, that’s someone you can trust.


Availability and Response Time

A reliable locksmith will be available at any moment you need them. Some bad locksmiths tend to take too long to respond or fix your problem, and if you’re in a rush, then this can be a huge deal-breaker.


How to Compare Prices and Options for a Car Key Replacement Near You?

The locksmith market is filled with different service options and price ranges, so how can you choose one that is appropriate for you.

First, consider what your problem is. If you’re dealing with an emergency lockout, then you must find a company that offers this service. When comparing companies, take a look at the company’s policies, response times, and availability, and then you will see if they’re worth the price.

Remember, going for the cheapest option isn’t always the best route. If you want to get peace of mind, consider those companies that have a wider range of services and price ranges; that way, you will have more alternatives to choose from.

Here at UK Auto Locksmith, we specialize in every issue you may have with your keys, including replacements. If you’re looking for an “auto locksmith near me,” we can safely tell you that your search is over!


How to Avoid Unqualified Locksmiths in Your Area

Check these tips to avoid dealing with unqualified people in your area:

  • Check online reviews and ratings for the locksmith.
  • Ask for the locksmith’s license/ID.
  • Beware of people who charge extremely low prices. If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.
  • Ask the locksmith for any extra fees for emergency hours and other scenarios.
  • Beware of bid fluctuations.
  • Ask your locksmith as many questions as you consider appropriate.

If the locksmith you’re hiring isn’t transparent with their accreditations, pricing, or extra fees, they’re likely not a good fit for you.


Call UK Auto Locksmith anytime and we will be at your location anywhere in London within 30 minutes!

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