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1 year ago

Unable to find the keys to your Ford? Whether you’ve lost your car keys at the shopping mall, accidentally left them in the car, or are simply clueless about their whereabouts, UK Auto Locksmith is here to give you a Ford key replacement ASAP.

From the Ford C-Max and Ford Connect to the iconic Ford Mustang, we have experience in providing Ford key replacement services for practically any Ford model.
UK Auto locksmith team has the proper experience and equipment to help 24/7 in any Emergency Locksmith case within 30 minute response time.

✅ No call-out charge
✅ 30min response time
✅ Up to 12 months warranty
✅ 2nd key up to 50% off

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How UK Auto Locksmith Can Help With Ford Key Replacement?

Over the years, we’ve helped countless Ford Car owners resolve their car lockout woes. Our highly trained and skilled technicians help in cutting, programming, and reprogramming car keys without sustaining any damage to the locks. We also offer you the most responsive emergency car locksmith services in London and greater London, often helping you get back on the road within an hour.

Being a leading auto locksmith in London, we’ve acquired a string of 5-star ratings from satisfied customers. The best part is that our services have no hidden charges or extra fees. You’re given best-in-class services at the most affordable rates. It’s as simple as that.

We Have an Expert Locksmith for Every Ford Model

Whether you drive a Ford Transit, Ford Mustang, or any other model, you can trust our top-rated automotive locksmiths to provide you with fast, dependable, and professional Ford Focus key replacement services.

Our experienced locksmiths can get you back on the road with minimum fuss, running through the entire process when you call or book an appointment. The locksmiths come wherever you need them, fully equipped to get the job done quickly and without disrupting your day or night.

We are experts in all models, so don’t worry if it’s the “Ford Focus replacement keys” or “Ford Transit key replacement near me” services you’re looking for.

In addition to key replacement, we can help if you are locked out of your car, have had someone break into the vehicle, or have any other security issue requiring an emergency locksmith’s expertise.

We also offer a variety of more advanced security solutions, such as rekeying services and repairs, as well as car key programming. With our reliable and cost-effective auto locksmith solutions, we are confident we can have you back behind the wheel in no time.

What Are Some Common Issues with Ford Key Fobs, and How Can They Be Fixed?

One of drivers’ most common issues with Ford key fobs is dead batteries. This can occur for several reasons, including old age or the key not being used for an extended period. Fortunately, the fix for this problem is fairly straightforward.

Our Ford key fob replacement services are designed to diagnose the issue that you’re having with your vehicle.

Sometimes, key fobs may also become damaged, either from general wear and tear or from a malfunction.

At UK Auto Locksmith, we offer a replacement Ford key fob service that can take into account potential damage and provide a more reliable alternative for your car. If you notice any signs of malfunctioning, we recommend having it replaced as soon as possible to avoid any further issues.

Instead of searching up “Ford replacement key fob solutions” on Google and doing it yourself, rely on a locksmith to do the job for you professionally.

Where Can I Find an Auto Locksmith Specialising in Ford Vehicles in My Area?

Are you constantly Googling “Ford Transit key replacement near me”? Look no further than UK Auto Locksmith for all your vehicle security needs. We offer a wide range of professional and affordable services that make sure your Ford Focus replacement keys are correctly programmed to get you on the road.

Our team of experienced locksmiths is skilled in dealing with all major Ford models, including the Focus, Mondeo, and Transit ranges. Whether you need solutions to damaged keys or need to find a Ford Focus key replacement service, UK Auto Locksmith will get the job done right.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide fast and accurate work. However, if for any reason our service does not meet your expectations, we will re-attend free of charge to make sure any additional work is complete. Contact us today for a free quote, and let us take care of all your auto locksmith needs.

Get A Ford Key Replacement Now, Not Later

Instead of approaching a car dealer, you can opt for UK Auto Locksmith’s services to get a quick replacement for your lost car keys. Unlike the replacement provided by the dealership, our emergency car locksmith services are inexpensive and can be availed within minutes. If you’ve lost your keys with no spare available, we can provide you a Ford key replacement in no time. Our efficient and prompt team has experience catering to a broad range of key types across multiple generations. Whether it’s the original Ford Tibbe Keys, the Ford HU101 Laser Keys, Ford SIP 22 Laser Keys, or the latest Ford Proximity Keys, we can match the key to your car and also rectify any glitches, regardless of whether your Ford is brand new or several years old.

About our team of specialists

All technical members of our UK Auto Locksmith team take advanced training in-car computer reprogramming, key duplication, car key cutting, car key fob repair and automotive key generation. You can call us today or any day 24 hours and we will service your car with great care.

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  • How much are replacement keys for Ford?

The cost of replacing lost  Ford car keys depends mainly on the type of key necessary for the vehicle to start, and the costs vary depending on the service you need. 

  • For lockout- Start from £120
  • For Lost key- Start from £180
  • For Key Repair- Start from £130
  • For Copy Key- Start from £150
  • For Key replacement- Start from £150
  • For Ignition Repair/replacement- Start from £300
  • Can a locksmith program a Ford key fob?

  • In 2010 and newer models, you essentially have to be a car locksmith, have a locksmith license, be bonded, or satisfy all the requirements to program a key. From the Ford C-Max and Ford Connect to the iconic Ford Mustang, we have experience in providing Ford key replacement services for practically any Ford model.
  • What information do I need to give to the locksmith?

To program your Ford car keys, the assigned locksmith will need to have the following information at his disposal:

  • The model of the vehicle
  • The year of purchase
  • The car registration details
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The above information is necessary for the locksmith to understand the type of key that your vehicle needs. The VIN is normally located on the dashboard, on the driver’s side.

The locksmith will need the relevant documents which will confirm that you are the owner of the vehicle.  

  • How does the Ford proximity key work?

Many of the latest models of Ford use a proximity style key that allows the car to be started by simply pushing a button inside the car.

  • Which areas do you cover?

Having centers in areas like Barnet, Bromley, Croydon, and Hertfordshire, UK Auto Locksmith offers 24/7 Automotive Locksmith Services, including lost car key replacement, emergency car lockout, and key and remote repair services