Car Key Fob Not Working? Repair/Replacement Car Key Fob

Car key fob not working? Need a replacement car key fob because you cannot find the original one anywhere and it might even be stolen by someone? Looking for someone who could make a car key fob repair in London, without forcing you to make any drastic changes in your planned daily schedule?

You have reached the right place! UK Car Locksmith is the company that you should call when you have a car key fob that is not working or if your car key fob disappears and you need an emergency replacement service in the greater London area. Dial our number now and take advantage of our fast and reliable mobile service and competitive rates!


Car key fobs – what are they all about?

Modern car key fobs come embedded with the latest technology and a ton of features that help you do many things with your car. In fact, the key fob holds the chip that ensures that your car’s safety, as it controls many mechanisms remotely. There could be a number of reasons if you ever find your car key fob not working. Since the car key is not just any key that fits car doors and the ignition but is a smart key, car key fob repair does come with a price tag; however, you can reduce the cost dramatically by using an auto locksmith.

Why use an auto locksmith for a replacement car key fob?

While the first instinct is to check with the car dealership about what the trouble with the car key fob might be, it is advisable to take look at better options for the service, like auto locksmiths. Dealerships tend to charge a hefty sum, especially if you require a complete replacement car key fob. The key fob has to be the right one for the make and model of the car as well as programmed to your individual car for accessing all the features. All these charges add up depending on the brand and other factors.


Auto locksmiths like UK Auto Locksmith are professionals with extensive experience doing what they do. Since they offer their services across car models and brands, they are better equipped to deal with the car key fob issue. UK Auto locksmiths invest in technology and equipment specifically for customers who have different needs for their cars. They are also mobile and can reach you anywhere in London and Greater London rather than you having to go to them. A five-star rated company, UK Auto Locksmith offers affordable services at competitive prices.

All the service including the 1-year warranty for the labour and parts.

Also, UK Auto Locksmith offers wide range of services: car key repair, car key cutting and programming, car ignition switch, car lockout service

Tips for car key fob replacement

A few simple tips to save on getting the car key fob replaced/serviced:


  • Check the user’s manual first to see if you can fix it yourself
  • Check your car’s insurance, warranty, the extension of coverage, etc. to see if the cost of a car key replacement is covered
  • If all else fails, call a professional auto locksmith to resolve the problem