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Maybe you forgot it at the restaurant table, or maybe you dropped it while hurriedly exiting the supermarket….
Regardless of what your “lost my car keys “ story is, we at UK Auto Locksmith are here to help you get a new set ASAP!

UK Auto locksmith team has the proper experience and equipment to help 24/7 in any Emergency Locksmith case within 30 minute response time. 

✅ No call-out charge
✅ 30min response time
✅ Up to 12 months warranty
✅ 2nd key up to 50% off

Call UK Auto Locksmith anytime and we will be at your location anywhere in London within 30 minutes!

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Consistent 5 Star Ratings and Competitive Prices

Over the years, we’ve acquired a string of 5 Star Ratings from satisfied customers. Our consistent record is the result of efficient, quality service that’s been offered to customers in the nick of time. We offer the most competitive response time in London – only 30 mins!

To further guarantee you quality service, we only hire trained auto locksmith technicians with years of experience under their belts.

Lost your car keys? We’ve got you covered!

Firstly, you need to figure out the kind of replacement key that you will require. Check whether it is a traditional car key, car key fob, transponder key, car key fob, and switchblade key, or a smart key/keyless ignition. 

Auto locksmiths have the tools as well as the technology to cut and program an identical set of car keys to the one you have misplaced or lost. A trained auto locksmith would be able to make a replacement car key even if you have lost the original one. Your auto locksmith can reprogram the locking system and render your old set of car keys useless, and reconfigure the locks on your car doors and ignition, depending on your car’s age.

Our service covers a broad range of popular car and van brands like Alfa Romeo, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda, VW, Mercedes, Skoda, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Kia, Hyundai, etc.

How can repair or replacement key service help you?

  • Emergency Car Lockout: Get around-the-clock professional car lockout service, regardless of rush hours, holidays, or time of day.
  • Locks Picking and Decoding: Our well-trained team knows how to pick locks with surgical precision. You can rest assured that your car door will be opened without any damage to the vehicle.
  • Key and Remote Repair: Googling “lost car keys what to do”? Well, you can call our team 24/7 to get a new set of keys and be back on the road within an hour!
  • Ignition Repair: Have trouble starting your car? Or can’t seem to remove/turn the key for some reason? Get our timely ignition repair to resolve your car woes.
  • Key Programming: With the help of the OBD Plug, we acquire all the information that’s needed to program your car keys. This ensures speedy key programming with minimal hassle.
  • EEPROM Job: To better deal with key replacement emergencies, we offer a soldering service for programming car keys after reading the information from the dashboard.
  • We also offer car key cutting services in London.

NO matter what type of key you need, our professional car locksmith team in London is here to help you. 

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What is the cost of replacing lost car keys?

The cost of replacing lost car keys depends mainly on the type of key necessary for the vehicle to start, and the costs vary depending on the service you need. 

  •  For lockout- Start from £99
  •  For Lost key- Start from £149
  • For Key repair- Start from £129
  • For Copy Key- Start from £129
  • For Key replacement- Start from £129
  • For Ignition Repair/replacement- Start from £249

What information do I need to give to the locksmith?

To replace your car keys, the assigned locksmith will need to have the following information at his disposal:

  • The make of the vehicle
  • The model of the vehicle
  • The year of purchase
  • The car registration details
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The above information is necessary for the locksmith to understand the type of key that your vehicle needs. The VIN is normally located on the dashboard, on the driver’s side.

The locksmith will need the relevant documents which will confirm that you are the owner of the vehicle. 

Can the locksmith help me also If I don't have the key code?

Contrary to popular belief, if you do not have the key code, your auto locksmith can still create a new car key provided you give him the following information — the vehicle’s model, make, and year of manufacture, vehicle registration number, VIN, or vehicle identification number, personal identification, and your present location.

How long does it take to make a new car key?

An able locksmith should be able to replace your car keys within 30 minutes to an hour. The time taken varies depending on the specific situation with your vehicle, the type of car key that needs to be integrated, and the level of programming that is necessary.

Do I have a warranty on the keys?

Insurance companies offer a Key Replacement Cover for your car keys. It is usually an add-on to your vehicle’s Comprehensive Insurance Policy but not a standalone cover. If you pay an additional premium, this Key Replacement Add-on will cover the cost incurred by you for replacing the car keys of your insured vehicle’s key. This cover is applicable if you lose your car keys or they are stolen or damaged or covers the bill you have paid to fix or repair the lock-set in case the key or lock is damaged. However, this cover comes with a rider and also has a list of exclusions where you will not be covered such as failure to produce an invoice or receipts for the claim or payments made, etc.

Which areas do you cover?

Having centres in areas like Barnet, Bromley, Croydon, and Hertfordshire, UK Auto Locksmith offers 24/7 Automotive Locksmith Services almost in all areas in great London, including lost car key replacement, emergency car lockout, and key and remote repair services.

Can I Claim Insurance for the Lost Keys?

If your keys are stolen or misplaced, having car insurance with roadside assistance coverage can ease your situation. However, you will often be responsible for paying for new keys.


The only exemption is when you have comprehensive insurance. This policy covers a stolen car and its keys.


Lost car keys may be covered in the event of theft by other insurance policies, such as homeowners’ insurance or renters’ insurance, which includes personal property coverage.

However, before deciding whether it’s worthwhile to file a claim for your lost car keys, consider the advantages, disadvantages, and frequency of such an event.

What to Do If I Lost the Car Key and Have No Spare?

Previously, lost car keys were not a big concern.

As vehicles have become more technologically sophisticated, so too have their keys, whose replacement can be more expensive.

If you don’t have a spare key, you should contact a car locksmith immediately so they can examine the problem and advise you.

Without the necessary knowledge, attempting anything on your own can worsen your problem.

What to Do If I Keep Losing My Keys?

Most keys don’t have tracking technology.

However, some devices will allow you to track your lost car keys if it happens often. These gadgets are key ring-attachable and enable you to manage them using an app on your phone.

How Much Does It Cost to Unlock a Car If I Lost the Key?

A car lockout occurs when the owner fails to access their vehicle. Reach out to a nearby locksmith to help you unlock it.

Typically, the least amount to expect for a locksmith to unlock your vehicle is £90. However, it can be as high as £250 or even more.

An example is when your key breaks and you don’t have a spare. Expect to shell out about £170 to unlock the car and have a new key made.

If your key broke within the lock and a fragment was left inside, the cost of extracting the broken key will affect the price. The cost of a broken key extraction alone is about £70.

Can a Lost Car Key Replacement Be Cheap?

Modern key technologies offer exceptional security features.

However, these also make it a bit expensive to replace your car keys when you lose them. This is because the locksmith doesn’t just have to cut a new key but will also have to program it specifically to your vehicle.

The skills and tools used for this process make a car key replacement costly.

Where to Find a Lost Car Key Replacement near Me?

When paying to replace your lost car keys, ensure you only receive the highest calibre of work.

Try looking out for local auto key replacement and programming providers online and reading customer reviews. This approach is a great way to identify experts who can assist you.

You can contact UK Auto Locksmith 24/7, from any location in London, and we’ll be at your property within 30 minutes.

Our customers consistently give us positive feedback for our top-notch services.

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