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by UK Auto Locksmith
1 year ago

What Is a Smart Key?

 Developed in 1995 by Siemens, smart keys were brought to Mercedes-Benz as Keyless Go. A smart key is a car key that allows the user to operate the car without having to take the key out of its fob.

All smart keys can unlock or lock the car without taking the key out of its fob. However, most can also start the car as long as it’s inside the vehicle. These cars have what’s known as Push Start Technology. Additionally, many cars also offer the feature to unlock the car by touching a designated place on the handle or pressing a button on the handle; these features only work if the key is in range.

What To Do if the Smart Key Is Not Working?

Before getting a smart key replacement, if your car key isn’t working, first try these things.

First, ensure it is, in fact, your key. Do this by using your physical key to unlock, lock, and start your car. If the key works, then there is something wrong with your fob; if it doesn’t work, you’ll have to seek help from a mechanic because it may be your car and not the key.

Next, replace the batteries. Batteries can be found at most battery speciality stores.

Finally, if none of that works, check for damage and bring the key into a dealership to have a car key replacement made at your dealership or call an auto locksmith.

What To Do if the Smart Car Key Is Stuck in the Ignition?

Sometimes you have no choice but to use your physical car key in the ignition. You may have to bring your fob in for repair, or you don’t have a set of spare batteries lying around. Sometimes, your key can get stuck in your ignition, whatever the case may be.

If your key gets stuck in the ignition first, you’ll want to stay calm. Second, try to turn the wheel and remove the key gently. If your wheel is also stuck, there may be damage to your wheel, causing damage to your ignition.

Furthermore, if turning the wheel and removing the key does not work, do not pull or yank the key out. You can cause serious damage to your ignition. Alternately, you can remove it with a key extractor found at your local car parts store. However, it’s highly suggested you call in a professional such as UK Auto Locksmith to remove the key to ensure it’s done properly.

How Do I Reset My Car Smart Key?

If for any reason, you must reset your car key, it is generally suggested that you hold the lock button for one second while it’s in the car’s off position. Then, turn the key four times within 10 seconds and remove the key.

Some cars come with a resetting tool to help you reset your car key.

However, car key programming is different for every car! Before manually resetting your car key check your manual for how to do it for your specific car.


How Long Does It Take To Fix a Smart Key?

Getting a smart key replacement is not very hard. If you take your key to the dealership, a dealership can have it done usually in 15-30 minutes. This service is great if you need a car key replacement.

Usually, this includes new car key cutting and having a new fob reprogramed for you.

However, if you cannot get to the dealership for any reason, you can alternatively call a tow company to bring you to the dealership or a locksmith such as UK Auto Locksmith. This route usually takes more time and money, but if you need an emergency car key replacement, UK Auto Locksmith is available at any time.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Car Key?

If you’re looking to get a smart key replacement or any other car key related services at UK Auto Locksmith, these are the following costs:

Lockout- Starts from £99

Lost key- Starts from £149

Key repair- Starts from £129

Copy Key- Starts from £129

Key Replacement- Starts from £129

Ignition Repair/replacement- Starts from £249


Smart car keys are becoming more popular. Most new models have smart keys. However, maintaining, fixing, and getting a smart key replacement isn’t difficult, especially when choosing UK Auto Locksmith.

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