Looking for a Reliable Automotive Locksmith in London?

by UK Auto Locksmith
2 years ago

What if you have to get somewhere for an important meeting but suddenly realize you can’t unlock your car?

Whether the unfortunate situation was caused by leaving the keys in your locked vehicle or because some other reason prevents you from accessing your car, an automotive locksmith can help you and be your best ally to get out of that problem!

You must have a lot of questions running through your head right now! What is a car locksmith? Can I find an automotive locksmith near me? What can these experts do to help me? Fortunately, all the answers are here!

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What Is an Automotive Locksmith

Auto locksmiths specialize largely in unlocking cars and doing car key replacement, as opposed to residential or commercial locksmiths, as they produce keys and unlock doors in homes and business or industrial buildings. However, their expertise is not limited to getting someone out of a vehicle.

Actually, auto locksmiths can repair both the locks on your car doors and the entire ignition system besides unlocking locked vehicles, making new keys, or extracting the broken ones.

In other words, they also need to be skilled and knowledgeable on ignition systems, key fobs, car doors, and how they work, among other things.

What Does An Auto Locksmith Do?

Have you been stuck in your car in the middle of nowhere or need to get somewhere on time but can’t access your vehicle? Don’t worry! An automotive locksmith can find the perfect solution for you.

Duplicating a car key or addressing a related issue would be significantly more expensive at a dealership. Therefore, if you have to do that, an auto locksmith can be your best ally.

Auto locksmiths provide assistance to those who are either stranded in a parking lot or locked out of their cars in an unknown place.

In this sense, there are some activities that an automotive locksmith usually does, including:

  • Car unlocking
  • Remove broken keys
  • Duplicate keys
  • Car key replacement

How Do I Find an Automotive Locksmith Near Me?

To find the ideal automotive locksmith, you must search local businesses and see what they offer. Compare prices, check the locksmiths’ experience, and find the ideal professional depending on your needs.

You can set up a phone call with company representatives. Ask them about their experience, if they have handled cases like yours, and any other relevant questions.

How Do I Find an Automotive Locksmith Near Me?

How Much Does a Professional Locksmith Cost?

Costs of a professional locksmith depend on the services you need and other factors, such as your car’s model.

A Ford car key replacement might cost differently than getting the service for another model. Therefore, you should see how much the locksmith will charge you for the service you need first and then ask if the price varies depending on your vehicle.


If you hire a locksmith to open your vehicle’s locked door, costs can go from £99 to £200. However, keep in mind that you may have to pay a different price, depending on the car model.

Lost Key

These services range from £149 to £290, but they can vary depending on your case. If you need an urgent Nissan car key replacement for your lost key, an emergency locksmith might charge £65 per hour.

Key Repair

To repair your key, you may have to pay between £149 and £290 as well. In this case, it also depends on the locksmith and on your car model because keys vary from one vehicle to another.

Copy Key

The price to get a copy key starts at £149. Locksmiths have specialized tools to make a perfect copy of your key, so these services could be costly. However, experts often guarantee top-quality results.

Key Replacement

The cost of replacing a car key can also vary depending on different factors. Overall, it can go from £129 to £330.

Keep in mind that the price can vary depending on the locksmith you hire, the type of key, time of service, and your car’s year and model.

Ignition Repair/Replacement

Repairing or replacing your ignition is more expensive than other services you might need from locksmiths. Hiring a professional to do this job can cost you £249 at the minimum rate.


When you need an Audi car key replacement or any other similar service, repair services, or a copy of your key, hiring a locksmith is the best way to go. At UK Auto Locksmith, we assess your situation and provide the best results possible.