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by Uk Car Locksmith
3 years ago

If your hectic schedule keeps you on your toes all day, getting out of your car in a rush and realizing that you’ve left your car keys dangling in the ignition is not hard to imagine. Many of us have had this nightmarish experience and you’re not the only or first one to do so. So take heart and read on to find out the most practical solution to this common yet frightful experience.

If you’ve returned to your car after loading your shopping cart or stepped out of it absent-mindedly while talking to a friend and found the door locked with the car keys in plain sight, the first thing to do is not to panic. Decisions taken in anger or panic only worsen the situation and are rarely reasonable. But most importantly, do not give in to the temptation of breaking into your car with the help of a coat hanger or bobby pin as it can easily cause damage to your vehicle and lead to a hefty bill. It is always advisable to Stay Calm and explore your options.

If you have a spare key at home ask a family member to get it for you. But what happens if you don’t have a spare set of car keys or have lost both sets? The options you can consider include:

  • Contacting Your Dealership: You can call a tow truck and take your vehicle to your dealer. But it can be a costly option as you need to take the car on a flatbed. Also, getting replacement car keys through the dealer can be expensive as well as time-consuming. The dealer may take a couple of days to provide you with a set of replacement car keys depending on the model of the vehicle you drive.
  • Contacting Your Auto Locksmith: This is the best option as it’s both time-saving and less costly than going to a dealership. But always do some research and ensure that you are dealing with an auto locksmith who is reliable and trustworthy.

A dependable and professional auto locksmith will promptly respond to your call of distress. Moreover, he/she would have the required tools to get into your car quickly without causing any damage to it. Your trusted auto locksmith may also be able to perform car lockout service such as car keys cutting and FOB programming on-site.

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Why is it Expensive to Replace Car Keys?

Many factors make replacing car keys expensive. A car’s model, make, and year of manufacture, and the car key fob’s complexity serve as add-ons to the cost of getting the car keys replaced. But, three other factors play a crucial part in the price of making a duplicate key. These factors are:

  •  Equipment: Typically, key-cutting involves costly and customized machinery, and the cost of the equipment used in creating the duplicate key has a direct influence on its price.
  •  Labour: The process of key-cutting comprises two parts — physically cutting the key, and programming the FOB’s electronics so that the FOB works in sync with the car’s computer to unlock and, in certain cases, also start the vehicle. The entire process usually takes an hour to complete and is labour intensive.
  • Parts: Contemporary or modern car keys are miniature electronic devices equipped with a battery and circuitry. Hence intricate inner-workings of the FOB and the small parts can be costly.

To prevent car lockouts, keep a spare set of car keys at home or with a friend or family member. Invest in a car key that can unlock the car but doesn’t start it so that you can get into your vehicle and retrieve your car keys and remember to keep this key separate from your car’s ignition key. Also, always lock your vehicle on the outside so that you can always be sure that you have your keys on you.

Being caught in a car lockout can be a stressful experience, but there are also practical and easy solutions at hand. When faced with a car lockout, a reputable auto locksmith can get you back behind the steering wheel in no time as they have the right expertise and offer car lockout service to salvage your day and schedule.