How to Program a Car Alarm Remote |A Comprehensive Guide

by UK Auto Locksmith
11 months ago

A car alarm remote has evolved from being a simple accessory used by some car owners to being an essential tool needed to control a lot of things, such as locking/unlocking doors, starting your vehicle, or even operating various car electronics.

As such, if you lose or damage your car alarm remote, it can be a very big problem that will require the help of a qualified car locksmith. Car key programming is not something you can easily do on your own, especially if you want the job to be done the right way.

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Why Is My Car Remote Not Working?

All modern cars are fitted with a special car key FOB which is designed to make life a lot easier for the driver by giving them control of many different components of their vehicle with just the touch of a button.

However, it also means that if the car key FOB malfunctions in any way, you will be unable to do simple things, such as opening your car doors. In most cases, the following are the reasons why your car key FOB may not be working:

  • There is no power because the battery is dead
  • The remote needs to be taken for car key reprogramming
  • Damaged transmitter or receiver
  • Some internal components may be damaged
  • Intermittent fault as a result of low battery

Can I Program Any Remote to My Car?                         

Can I Program Any Remote to My Car?

Car key programming is not a difficult task, especially if you hire an experienced car locksmith to assist you. Whether you choose to do it on your own or hire professionals depends on your budget and how much of a hurry you are in to get it sorted out.

However, the wise choice is to call a car locksmith technician. Usually, it can be done in a few minutes according to the following steps:


The first step is to make sure all the doors, windows, hood, and trunk are shut. You can do this by simply inserting the key into the ignition and checking to see if the alarm goes off which would indicate that one of the doors is open.


Overriding is very important because up to this point, your car is still programmed to respond only to the old car key FOB, so it will need to be completely reset before it can be paired with a new remote.

To override the system, you will need to insert the car key into the ignition port and turn it to “On.” You then press the override button five times until the car lights flash and a small beep is emitted.


The valet switch should be toggled between on and off once before you turn off the ignition and exit the car. After locking the doors manually, you can test all the buttons of the remote to make sure the vehicle is responding correctly. If anything seems off, then you need to restart the process from the beginning.


When everything is completed, you need to test all the buttons again to make sure they are working. If after a few attempts you are still encountering any issues then it’s time to call a qualified car locksmith to handle the problem.

Final Word

There is no need to be concerned with how to get a new car alarm remote when you have a highly experienced car locksmith right here in London. Do not compromise the security of your vehicle when we are waiting to assist you.

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