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2 years ago

This car key programming system is now widely used around the world, and every car must have one. The immobilizer keys, also known as a smart-key system, is an electronic security device designed to prevent theft and increase the driver’s or owner’s safety while driving the vehicle.

How Does a Car Immobilizer Work?

Today’s automobile keys might be viewed as extra security features provided by dealerships. Transponder chips are found in key fobs and smart keys. When you place the key in the ignition or have the immobilizer key fob inside the vehicle (if it’s a push-to-start vehicle), these chips communicate a security code to the car’s immobilizer system. If the security code in the key fob matches the one in the immobilizer system, the car should start. Your automobile cannot start if this is not done.

Some manufacturers have even upgraded their immobilizer keys to a two-tier security system with a fixed code and a changing code. The second code is recorded in the transmitter and is changed each time you start the vehicle. When you try to start the automobile, the immobilizer reads the permanent code first, then requests the second (changing) code, which compares to the one stored in the system, and then starts the car. The car cannot start without the second code.

In simple terms, the engine immobilizer is an anti-theft system integrated into the engine’s electronic control unit. It prohibits the vehicle’s engine from running without the authorized key. A unique digitally coded key or a Smart Key fob is used in this technology. A transponder chip is embedded in this key. It saves the vehicle’s password or the electronic security code. If the code in the key and the code recorded in the immobilizer key programming do not match, the ECU does not activate the fuel system or the ignition circuit.

Where Can You Buy, Repair, or Replace an Immobilizer? and How Much Does It Cost? 

An immobilizer can be purchased from any vehicle trading store, online store, car locksmith, or any warehouse/retail store in your area. Immobilizer key replacements can be found at any mechanic and any auto trader. You can expect to pay around $300 for a new one if your immobilizer key is not working.

Repair, or Replace an Immobilizer car key

What Are the Disadvantages of Immobilizer Keys?

Immobilizers can help prevent a vehicle from being driven away, but they can still be stolen if they are loaded onto a flatbed tow truck. When thieves steal automobiles, they sometimes use tow trucks to appear “official,” especially late at night, and the car security system that immobilizes the vehicle may not help.

Furthermore, an immobilizer system cannot prevent a burglar from breaking into your vehicle and stealing your stuff. While it may be useful in keeping your vehicle secure, it cannot alert you if something is happening to the car.

How Do I Fix My Immobilizer Key?

Many immobilizer issues can be resolved by just replacing the car key’s fob battery. The security code for many transponder keys is transmitted to the car immobilizer through a tiny battery. If you replace the battery, be careful not to damage the transponder chip within.

However, if you’ve changed the battery and it still isn’t working, the transponder chip might be damaged. In this instance, you need to contact your local car dealership and ask for a replacement key.

If the vehicle’s immobilizer system is to blame, it could be because the wires are rusted or damaged. It’s possible that the engine control unit -or its sensors- is broken or faulty.

This needs a trip to a car dealership or auto repair shop for further analysis.

What Types of Vehicles Have an Immobilizer Key Installed? 

Since 1998, car immobilizers have been mandatory on all vehicles. A ‘factory-fitted immobilizer’ is the type of immobilizer key that was installed after this date and at the time of production. If you bought a new automobile after 1998, there’s a good chance it came with immobilizer keys.


When it comes to more conservative criminals who still use mechanical techniques, immobilizers are extremely effective. However, they’re no match for the more sophisticated carjackers, at least in the mass-produced section. We hope this article has taught you all there is to know about car immobilizers and how they work. For more information, contact UK Auro Locksmith at 02038809904