Professional Car Key Duplication Services for Any Make & Model

by Uk Car Locksmith
1 year ago

Car key duplication is essential for car owners who need a spare key or have misplaced their original. Having a duplicate car key can save you time, money, and stress in the long run, especially during those unexpected moments when your original key goes missing. Furthermore, a spare key can also provide peace of mind and convenience for families or households with multiple drivers. When considering car key duplication, it is essential to factor in the cost of the service and the importance of finding a qualified and top-rated auto locksmith to ensure a high-quality duplicate. This article will discuss the various aspects of car key duplication, helping you understand the process and make informed decisions for your needs.

Types of Car Keys and Duplication Processes

Various types of car keys are available, each with its unique duplication process. Common car key types include traditional mechanical, transponder, key fobs, and smart keys. Mechanical keys are the simplest and generally the least expensive to duplicate. Transponder keys have a microchip embedded, requiring specialized equipment to clone the key’s code during duplication.

Key fobs and smart keys use advanced technology for remote access, making them more complex to duplicate and potentially more expensive. Understanding your car key type will help you navigate the duplication process more effectively and set appropriate expectations for the cost and time involved.

Choosing a Professional Auto Locksmith

When selecting an auto locksmith for your car key duplication needs, it is essential to consider several factors to ensure a quality experience. A reputable locksmith should offer no call-out charges, ensuring that you only pay for the service you receive. Additionally, look for a professional who guarantees a quick response time, ideally within 30 minutes, to minimize any inconvenience or delay. It’s also wise to seek locksmiths who provide a warranty on their services, preferably up to 12 months, to protect your investment. Lastly, inquire about potential discounts on additional keys; some locksmiths may offer up to 50% off on the second key.

Considering these factors, you can ensure a satisfactory car key duplication experience with a reliable and professional auto locksmith.

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Costs of Car Key Duplication

The costs associated with car key duplication can vary widely depending on the type of key and the locksmith services you choose. Traditional mechanical keys are typically the most affordable to duplicate, while transponders, key fobs, and smart keys may be more expensive due to their advanced technology and security features.

It is important to remember that these costs can be influenced by regional differences, your vehicle’s specific make and model, and the auto locksmith you choose.

To give you a general idea of our price range for various locksmith services;

– Lockout: Start from £99

– Lost Key: Start from £149

– Key Repair: Start from £129

– Copy Key: Start from £129

– Key Replacement: Start from £129

– Ignition Repair/Replacement: Start from £249


In conclusion, car key duplication is an essential service for car owners, providing convenience and peace of mind in the event of lost or misplaced keys. There are different types of car keys, such as mechanical, transponder, key fobs, and smart keys, each with its own duplication process and associated costs. When choosing a professional auto locksmith, it is crucial to consider factors like no call-out charges, quick response times, warranties, and potential discounts on additional keys. Remember that prices for car key duplication and other locksmith services may vary depending on various factors, so it’s always best to contact a reputable locksmith in your area for an accurate quote. By understanding these aspects of car key duplication, you can make informed decisions and ensure a positive experience when addressing your needs.

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