What to Do When You Lock Keys in a Car? | Auto Locksmith

by UK Auto Locksmith
2 years ago

Almost all people have made the mistake of locking their keys in the car – and now, you may be one of them. If you ever find yourself standing outside looking into your car window, with your keys staring back at you from the front seat, or maybe even the cup holder, this article is here to help.

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How Do You Unlock a Car Door Without a Key?

There are multiple ways you can go about retrieving your car keys. One is calling for roadside assistance. Roadside assistance is a service that assists motorists when they are left stranded because they locked their keys inside their car. If you are in Europe, roadside assistance may be available as a part of the service that your vehicle insurance company offers.

What if you don’t have roadside assistance? Don’t panic! You can call for a tow truck as most towing companies provide a lock-out service, but this may cost you.

If all the above renders useless, your last option is to get in touch with an automotive locksmith. Auto locksmiths specialise in helping you break into your car; by unlocking vehicles and replacing car keys.

Above all things, the first thing a locksmith will do for you is to try and get you back into your vehicle with strategies that they have been equipped with, such as “jimmying.” Jimmying involves a slim jim being slid between the window and the weather stripping on your vehicle door to access the lock.

If this does not work, then the locksmith will provide you with replacement car keys. Auto locksmiths work with two types of keys. The first is a key with no fob or electrical piece attached, and thus, they are straightforward to duplicate and replace.

The second key is a little trickier and includes a type of key called a transponder key. These keys have a chip programmed uniquely to your car. Your car will not start without the ignition being able to read the code programmed on that chip. However, if your locksmith is simply duplicating your car keys so you can retrieve the ones you locked inside your car, then there is no cause for concern, as car key programming will not be required.

Keep in mind, if there is ever a case where you end up needing the transponder key for a car reprogrammed, whether it be an Audi key replacement, or a Vauxhall car key replacement, then automotive locksmiths do possess the skill to do so, and they typically do it for a far more reasonable price than your local car dealership.

what to do when you Lock Keys in a Car

Who Should I Call?

If you don’t know who to call, a car locksmith nearest to you is a good place to start. One of the best car locksmiths around is UK Auto Locksmith, which provides 24/7 services throughout London within 30 minutes, specifically catering for those who have locked their keys in their car.

Can I Lock Out the Car with The Smart Keys?

Most vehicles nowadays come with a newly found convenience called smart keys. If these smart keys were invented with safeguards to stop this worldwide occurrence, is it still possible to lock them inside your car? The answer to this is yes, you can accidentally lock your smart key inside your vehicle, but it is not easy to do.

If you do, there is no need to panic; all that is required is for you to follow the same procedure above and call a locksmith or roadside assistance. The car company themselves can also unlock your car through their computer system.

Can I Unlock the Car Myself?

Before you admit you need assistance, there are methods you can attempt on your own to try unlocking your car yourself. One loophole many people try is the shoelace method. All that is required is for a noose knot to be made in the middle of your shoelace; then gently fitting the shoelace around the door, and eventually around the lock, and as a final step pulling up.

There are other workarounds people have invented for you to try, but it is not recommended, such as the credit card and car antenna method. All this does is damage your car. The credit card is used only as a leverage cushion for another tool to wedge your door open wide enough to fit an antenna inside.

There is nothing wrong with getting some help, call UK Auto Locksmith, and someone will provide you with assistance.