What I Did Not Do When I Lost My Car Keys - UK Auto Locksmith.

by Uk Car Locksmith
3 years ago

After you’ve rummaged through your handbag or laptop satchel and checked your coat pockets, and finally realized that you’ve indeed lost your car keys, it’s time to consider what to do next and most importantly, what not to do during this nerve-wracking ordeal. Although there are several options that you can think of or picture in your mind in terms of opening the door of your car without a set of keys, nothing can be as safe and reliable as calling up your trusted auto locksmith as trying to do it on your own could cause some damage to your vehicle or worse, result in more problems down the line.

Mistakes You Should Avoid If Faced With a Car Lockout

Let us consider a few mistakes that you should avoid if faced with a car lockout, particularly due to lost car keys.

  • Mistake 1: Do Not Hit the Panic Button

Although this is easier said than done, losing your car keys and getting locked out of your car can occur anytime and also happen to anyone. Maybe you had a taxing day or a late night, and are unable to recollect where you had last seen your car keys as your memory’s slightly foggy. Or, perhaps you were inattentive and dropped your car keys somewhere. The bottom line is, it happens to all of us sometimes or the other, even to the best of us. So, stop worrying, calm down, and think clearly, even if it has happened to you for the first time. There are easy and affordable solutions for car keys replacement.

  • Mistake 2: Using DIY Solutions to Unlock your Car Door and Windows

Do not use paperclips or hairpins at hand and try to open your car yourself. Or worse, do not try to pry open your car door or break inside using a coat hanger, wooden wedge, or a metal rod following the instructions dished out on videos circulating on social media. Most of these DIY solutions may work with older models of cars; manufacturers have now devised methods to stop these hacks from working in modern car models. You will only end up damaging your car in the process. Learn more about the risks of DIY car keys

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  • Mistake 3: Using Lock-Picking Kits

Do not reach out for a lock-picking kit when stranded on a road and experiencing a car lockout. Not only can these kits damage or scratch your car lock, but also leave you with a hefty bill when an expert car locksmith tries to salvage the situation.

  • Mistake 4: Smashing the Window

It makes sense not to give in to the temptation of breaking open a window as it comes with its own set of issues. You may argue that what could go wrong with this method? After all, all you need to do is simply get a new car window later on. Well, it’s time to rethink this one! For starters, you will have to shell out the cost of getting the window replaced. Moreover, you will also need to deal with the tiny glass shards left behind, particularly if you still need to reach your destination a little later and have to drive with bits of glass pieces strewn on the road. And it’s simply unsafe as you could even get injured! Additionally, all the expenses go out of your pocket as your auto insurance company wouldn’t cover the cost of damage since it’s done intentionally.

Lost My Car Keys

  • Mistake 5: Forgetting the Fact that there’s an Experienced & Emergency Auto Locksmith

This could be the worst mistake of all as a reliable and licensed auto locksmith is your best option in such a situation. Expert automotive locksmiths can easily get you back in your car by bypassing your car’s security measures, including car key programming.

So why stress yourself with lock-picking kits and DIY measures that fail to offer you any guarantee? Whether you need a duplicate set of keys, car keys replacement for lost or damaged keys, car key programming, or just getting your car door unlocked, it is wiser to reach out to an auto locksmith with years of experience.

If you’ve got a tight schedule and are desperate to get back on the road and also do not know what to do without your car keys, leave it to your expert auto locksmith who will put your day back on track without causing any damage to your car.

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