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by UK Auto Locksmith
3 years ago

It is always a frustrating and troublesome experience when it comes to replacing your car keys. Your car keys may break due to wear and tear or wear down until it malfunctions or completely stops functioning properly. But losing your set of car keys is absolutely frustrating. Irrespective of the reason, your car keys are essential to the proper usage of your vehicle and every car requires a set of working keys at least to rev up your day.

When Do You Need a Replacement Key?

If your car keys are lost and you do not have a spare set of keys, replacement is necessary immediately unless you can locate the original. But if you’re unable to trace your car keys, and do not have a spare or have lost both sets of keys, start considering replacement options straightaway. And in a majority of cases, you can get a replacement of your car keys without the original.

At times, your car keys wear down and no longer retain their original shape. Or, your car keys may bend or snap and become useless. Some high-tech keys might be laser-etched or have wireless codes which the vehicle scans to make sure they are the right keys but any damage to these codes renders an otherwise good key worthless. You could also have a broken remote in-built in a functioning key and although the key locks and unlocks the car doors and starts the car, the malfunctioning remote hampers convenience. If you face any problems with the locks or keys, start thinking in terms of replacing your car keys for security reasons.

What to do to Obtain Replacement Car Keys

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The first step that you need to take is to find your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the engine bay of the car or dashboard. Make a note of the exact model, make, and year of manufacture of the car. If you’re

having a hard time finding out the VIN, check the car’s insurance paperwork or title.

Next, get in touch with an auto locksmith but make sure you contact one who has a good and reliable reputation. Usually, older models of cars, particularly those manufactured by non-luxury car makers, have the easiest keys to replace, and contacting your local auto locksmith can give you a solution in a majority of cases. Moreover, as compared to a dealership, your trusted and reliable auto locksmith can save you a lot of expenses as well as offer you a car lockout service. For instance, some auto locksmiths have the technical know-how to digitally program your replacement car keys.

Gone are the days when you could hold a new car key in your hand in lieu of a small amount of money. Today, when you lose a car key or require an extra set of car keys, a trip to an auto dealership or contacting an automotive locksmith makes more sense. More so, if it is an electronic fob that requires replacement.

New car key fobs need to be programmed with codes, which the car has to read before it unlocks the vehicle’s door or starts the engine. And your local or trusted auto locksmith proves to be handy when you are stuck in a car lockout as they can cut and program your new electronic fobs and get you back on the road.

What to do if you require a New Key Fob?

Search online or look in your owner’s manual for the right information on how to program a new electronic key fob. You can program the new fob yourself but if it includes a metal key, you will need the help of a dealership or an auto locksmith. You can also purchase a key fob online and subsequently get it programmed by an auto locksmith or at a dealership. But if you’re concerned about saving money, an auto locksmith may be cheaper. Also, researching the prices beforehand can save frustration at the time of a crisis as it gives you a fair idea of what to expect and how much you will need to pay.

Car key replacement can burn a hole in your pocket; hence an auto locksmith is your best bet, particularly when you need car lockout service.