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2 years ago

Do you own a Mercedes that has EIS or ESL? Both the Mercedes EIS (ESL Electronic Ignition Switch,) as well as the ESL systems are designed to keep your vehicle safe from theft. Each Mercedes key is programmed with a numerical code that is specific to your car, and when you enter it into the starter, your vehicle performs a sequence of checks to ensure that it is the appropriate key. Before the function to turn the car key and start the vehicle may be approved, three control systems (ESL, ECU, and EIS) should all confirm that the key is indeed the right one. The ability to turn they key and start the car is disabled should the key sequence and EIS not match.

The Mercedes ECU is an important part of your car. It’s the internal computer, and it’s in charge of keeping your car’s engine running smoothly.

Does My Mercedes Model Have an EIS?

Do you own a Mercedes supporting EIS with a problem? We’ve discovered that this is a pervasive problem that is creating a lot of frustration among Mercedes owners. The EIS would most likely be found on these Mercedes chassis:

  • W164
  • C215
  • W204
  • R230
  • W209
  • W211
  • W220
  • W212
  • W219
  • W221

A few of the Common Reasons an EIS Might Falter

There are several reasons as to why the EIS in your Mercedes may fail. Listed below are some of the most common causes of an EIS failure:

  • A surge of electrical energy
  • Low battery voltage
  • Jump starting the car as the key is in the ignition
  • ESL malfunctions or becomes stuck.

What to Do Whenever the Mercedes EIS Malfunctions or Breaks?

If the EIS unit fails totally, the key is normally thrown out, and the key generally becomes defective as well. This doesn’t always occur, but it has happened on several occasions. If both keys are inserted into a malfunctioning EIS unit, both keys are likely to fail.

Should this happen, you may be unaware of how to deal with the problem. The first thing that you should do is attempt to get replacement car keys for the vehicle. Once you obtain the keys make sure not to put them back into the ignition as they may be damaged as well. After getting a new set of keys you should contact a car locksmith so that they can assist you with Mercedes EIS programming or repair.

Does EIS Need to be Programmed?

Depending on how an EIS issue is resolved, there may or may not be a need for any programming. Should you have the entire system replaced, then the new EIS system has to be programmed so that it accepts your key. This is not the ideal solution to the problem as it can be quite time-consuming and leaves you without a vehicle for a while.

The other option is to remove the EIS unit and send it for repair. This is often a more viable option as it is more cost-effective. This method does not require any programming or coding as the unit is just repaired and retains all the information that was already coded into it. We can assist you with finding out the Mercedes Car Keys  EIS replacement cost.

Mercedes EIS

Repair or Replacement Car Keys for My Mercedes-Benz

Whenever it relates to the immobiliser system, the majority of Mercedes keys used work slightly differently than other car keys. They provide an infrared signal to the EIS, which recognizes the information and allows the engine to run.

If your Mercedes keys have been lost or damaged and you require a replacement, we can offer you a completely new set of car keys and car key programming as you wait. You won’t have to concern yourself with the price of towing your vehicle to a dealer or the ten-day wait. We can come to you, regardless of where your vehicle is parked.

You may need to have your Mercedes key fixed rather than exchanged if it has been broken or damaged, has stopped working, or is simply too old. Our Mercedes car locksmiths offer same-day service and can fix Mercedes keys extremely efficiently.

Our Mercedes key replacement experts can be with you as soon as possible to replace, repair, or reprogram your new car key. While dealers can do this service, they usually charge a significant cost and require your car to be physically at the showroom. You must factor in the cost of transporting the car to the dealership, which is an additional expense.

With us, you don’t have to be concerned about this. We can dispatch a skilled and highly competent Mercedes car key expert to you wherever your vehicle is as soon as you phone us. Broken or missing car keys, damaged car locks, ignitions, or automobile lockouts are just a few of the difficulties we can handle. Depending on the location, our emergency staff attempts to be with you inside of 30 minutes, so contact us today.

How do I Turn Off Mercedes EIS?

Unfortunately, there is no safe way to turn off your Mercedes EIS. The only way of resolving the problem is to remove the ignition system and have it repaired or replaced. You can attempt to bypass it, but this is not recommended as you can damage the system. It is a much better idea to trust an expert with this task.

The main disadvantage some of our clients encounter before submitting the EIS to us is that they believe they lack the proper equipment or experience to extract the module from the car. If you find yourself in this predicament, don’t panic; contrary to popular belief, removing the ignition system from your vehicle is not a challenging task. In less than five minutes, you can extract your EIS / EZS from the vehicle with some skilled work, patience, and simply a screwdriver.

To remove the EIS, simply remove the outer band from the ignition system, spin it anti-clockwise with the screwdriver, and remove it from the interior of the dashboard. You may also extract the outer band with a special tool, which costs you just under £10 online.

The Bottom Line

If you search “Mercedes EIS repair near me” in the UK, you should find us. Should you experience any problems with your vehicle and need Mercedes EIS repair in London, call UK Auto Locksmith at any time and we can be at your location anywhere in London within 30 minutes! Call us for a quote on 02038809904. We look forward to hearing from you.