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by UK Auto Locksmith
2 years ago

Are you searching online for the words: mobile car electrician near me? It seems like you need the services of an auto electrician, and we are here to help. Auto electricians are experts in installing and maintaining electrical systems in cars.  Several cars today depend on electricity for many functions, even when they have to start. Many manufacturers are gradually moving to fully electric automobiles with the new models. Diagnosing and fixing electric issues has become a much-needed skill in the automotive industry. Drivers also depend more on such professionals with the faults they experience with modern cars.

This article will explore some problems that auto electricians help to solve and give you a fair idea of how much it costs to procure such services in the UK.

What Are the Common Problems in Electric Cars?

This section will consider some common electrical issues in modern cars and the type of services you might require to fix them.

Malfunctioning Alternator

While your engine runs, your alternator generates power for your electrical systems and charges your battery.  A bad alternator can cause many issues with your ignition and headlights. You need to fix it as quickly as possible.

Dead Battery

Even if all other parts of your car are in excellent condition, it won’t start when your electric source is dead.  The battery powers your ignition, lights, and many other components when your car is still and helps kick your engine into motion.  Jumpstarting it will work, but you should change the battery soon enough.

Spark Plug Problems

Problems with your spark plugs can cause your car to jerk while you drive. Such issues require you to replace loose or dirty plugs before they get complicated.

Blown Electrical Fuse

It is not strange for the fuse in your car to blow. This condition shows that your electrical system requires urgent inspection and repair.

Bad Battery Cables

Your car battery cables connect the battery to the electrical system. When your battery terminals corrode, they affect the power supply to all other parts.  Change your cables immediately if you identify this issue. You do not want it to develop into something worse.

Locking and Unlocking Doors

Most of the issues above affect the locking mechanism in most modern cars. Your remote car alarm system will also malfunction in this situation.  An auto electrician can help you identify and solve these problems after carefully examining your car.  Find one immediately you pick up hints of any of the issues discussed.

Electric Cars

How Much Does an Auto Electrician Cost in the UK?

Many auto electricians in the UK have a minimum service fee they charge regardless of the work they have to do. This amount covers many minor diagnoses and repairs.  Some jobs, such as rewiring and installation, come with extra costs. Checking out the quotes from auto electrical services online, we advise that you prepare to pay between £50 and £80 as the minimum service fee.

Is Every Car Locksmith Qualified to Be an Electric Car Locksmith?

No. Car locksmiths are supposed to master everything about car door locks, but not all of them use electrical mechanisms.  Some auto locksmiths have not adapted to the locking mechanisms of modern cars. These people have no idea about car key programming, remote alarms, etc. You would not want such a car locksmith to handle your Tesla.

Why Choose Us for Your Problem with Electric Car

A qualified auto electrician discovers problems with your car’s electrical systems and repairs them without messing up other parts. At UK Auto Locksmith, we have highly skilled professionals that can diagnose your electric issues in no time. We use modern equipment to complement our experience to ensure we do not miss any problem. Car problems are frustrating, and customers tend to be anxious during such moments. Our expertise enables us to keep you calm while we guide you through the diagnoses and recommendations.

Apart from auto electric services, we also help with car key programming, replacement of lost car keys, etc. We offer location-based services and will come to your aid wherever you are in London. You only have to wait 30 minutes after calling us, and we will be there.


Googling “car locksmith near me can help you find the car lockout service you need in your area. If you are in London, call UK Auto Locksmith on 02038809904 for a quote or any other problem you have.