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by UK Auto Locksmith
2 months ago

Losing your car keys can be very stressful, and this is doubly so when it comes to your prized VW. A great deal of car key programming goes into replacing the remote. What you require is a comprehensive solution that takes care of all the aspects that go into car key replacement.

Getting Started with VW Cars

Volkswagen cars utilise an immobiliser system which ensures that they don’t start without the right key. The deactivation of the immobiliser occurs via a small transponder chip that is embedded in the head of the key.  Earlier VW models worked with a separate immobiliser box while most later models have an immobiliser system that is combined with the dashboard clocks.

What Does VW Car Key Replacement Really Involve?

In the case of Volkswagen cars, key replacement is no simple task. It requires specialised software and equipment that will enable the designated locksmith to work out a unique 4-digit security code. This code is what enables the keys to be programmed for the vehicle; VW dealers refer to it as the Secret Key Code, but let us assure you that we are in on the secret!

A trained car locksmith who can handle a VW car key replacement situation will know how to carefully cut new keys and program the transponder key for the car. He will also need to reconfigure remote fobs that enable central locking.

vw car keys replacement cost

What Does a Car Replacement Service Take Care of?

Most car keys today use a transponder chip under the back piece of plastic over the metal part of the key. The chip communicates through a radio signal transmitted by the ignition once the car key is inserted into it. The chip has to be programmed properly in order to enable the ignition to start and for the vehicle to move. The chip safeguards the vehicle from being stolen; it takes trained professionals to have the necessary skills, as well as information – at their disposal – in order to properly program the Transponder keys.

Our team of dedicated excerpts are committed to providing an effective solution for any situation that you might face with your vehicle.

How Much Does New VW Key Replacement Cost?

Now that we’ve looked into how the system works, let’s address the cost. Addressing the needs of any vehicle that utilises electronics will naturally involve a higher cost. New VW models, unlike older ones, cannot be cut easily.

Normally, a VW key replacement cost can be anywhere between 120 £ and 300 £, depending on your requirement. With new VWs, it is not enough to have a locksmith make a new key – it needs to be programmed in order to enable the ignition to start.

Speedy Replacement of Your VW Keys

Your vehicle is one of the most valuable assets that you possess, and it’s only natural that you want to safeguard it against all manner of threats; and what’s more important to the security of a car than it’s lock and keys?

To successfully address specific emergency situations that you may find your vehicle in, you require a reliable and efficient car keys replacement service. UK Auto Locksmith is committed to providing just that, empowering the citizens of London towards a secure experience with their vehicles.

Needless to say, there is a world of difference between a replacement solution that takes a few days to a week, and one that is quick, efficient, and specifically addresses your requirement. Empowered with the convenience of a service that is available to you 24/7, you no longer need to fret and worry over emergency situations at any point in your VW travelling experience.