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Losing the only key to your van or having it break off in the ignition can be an incredibly frustrating situation. Without access to your vehicle, your daily transportation and work can grind to a halt. Fortunately, there are ways to get replacement van keys made in London so you can get back on the road quickly. In this article, we’ll outline the recommended steps to take when you suddenly need a new van key.

Why You Might Need A New Van Key

There are a few common reasons why you may find yourself in need of replacing your van key. For instance, you may simply lose your only key, have the key break inside the lock or ignition, get locked out with the keys inside, or want to make additional spare keys. Whatever the reason, not having a functioning key is a major inconvenience. But there are solutions to get you mobile again.

Contacting the Vehicle Manufacturer

Your best option is to try contacting the manufacturer of your van directly. Since they made the vehicle, they can provide you with a key cut and programmed specifically for your van’s locks. This ensures it will work seamlessly with all security features. You’ll likely have to provide details like your VIN number and proof of ownership for them to make a new key.

Visiting an Auto Locksmith

If going through the manufacturer isn’t feasible, then visiting a professional auto locksmith is your next best bet for getting a replacement van key. A competent locksmith has the expertise to cut new keys and program transponder chips to work just like your original key, allowing it to start the van and unlock the doors.

When selecting a locksmith, make sure to choose one that is licensed and insured, and has positive reviews for auto work. Confirm they have experience working with vans similar to yours. A trustworthy locksmith should be able to provide a custom-cut key at reasonable rates, often the same day.

What an Auto Locksmith Can Do

A qualified auto locksmith has several options for creating new, working keys:

They can cut basic keys for older vans with simple locks. This is usually one of the more affordable choices.

For modern vans, they can program transponder chips and electronic fobs to sync with the vehicle.
If part of the old key is stuck in the ignition, they have tools to remove it and get the key code. They can also make duplicate spare keys to prevent future lockouts.

Cost of Replacement Van Keys

Going through the vehicle manufacturer directly tends to be more expensive for replacement keys. There is also the 1-2 week wait time before receiving the new keys.

Using a professional locksmith typically costs less for basic key cutting, though programming complex transponders may cost more depending on the vehicle. A benefit is that locksmiths can often cut working keys on the same day.

Getting Spare Keys

Once you have a new, working key made, it’s highly recommended to get spare keys made as backups. Even an inexpensive duplicate key can prevent the major inconvenience of finding yourself locked out down the road.

Don’t Get Left Key-less

Losing your only van key can bring your routine to a halt. But there are options to get a replacement key made quickly whether through the manufacturer or an auto locksmith. Be sure to get spare keys too, so you can avoid any future hassles. With the right key, you’ll be back on the road in no time!

Lockout– Start from £99
Lost key– Start from £149
Key repair– Start from £129
Copy Key– Start from £129
Key replacement– Start from £129
Ignition Repair/replacement– Start from £249

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No, you do not need to tow your van anywhere. Locksmiths can come to your location to make new keys on the spot. Manufacturers can cut new keys by referencing your VIN without the vehicle present.
If you go through a locksmith, they can often make new keys the same day. Ordering from the manufacturer takes 1-2 weeks to receive new keys by mail.
Many locksmiths offer emergency after-hours service. Search for "24 hour auto locksmith" to find one that can come cut a new key when you're in a bind outside normal business hours.
Yes, professional auto locksmiths have the technology to program blank transponder keys to work with the specific programming of your van. This enables full functionality.
Absolutely. Any locksmith can make duplicate copies of your existing key to serve as backups in case you lose your primary key. It's smart to keep spares handy.

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