How to Order a New Replacement Key for Mercedes? - UK Auto Locksmith.

by UK Auto Locksmith
2 years ago

If you own a Mercedes-Benz, you are already aware that even routine maintenance such as an oil change is heavier on the pocket than one needed for a conventional car. It is the price you pay for a luxury car, but the good news is that the price difference is not enormous. The same holds for a car lockout service, including car keys replacement and car key cutting as Mercedes-Benz vehicles, use one of the most complex key systems in the automobile business. So what is the implication for auto locksmiths and other security professionals? This requires auto locksmiths to invest in a specialist European key programmer, which is relatively costly, as well as gain adequate training on how to use it. Numerous Mercedes-Benz vehicles require auto locksmiths to remove the speedometer deck or glove box to access the vehicle’s immobilizer. And if you’re attempting to create a key from scratch, this takes a long time in comparison to other cars, which require only 1-2 minutes to reach the immobilizer and begin programming a new key.

Mercedes-Benz has always been one of the first automobile manufacturers to enhance its key systems to make their vehicles nearly impossible to steal. All Mercedes-Benz vehicles manufactured in the recent past include keyless entry, and even earlier models include a smart key that must be put into a slot in the vehicle to start. For nearly a decade, Mercedes-Benz vehicles have included push-to-start functionality as standard. While smart keys provide significant convenience for Mercedes-Benz owners, they are a sophisticated system for an auto locksmith to program, which is why it takes longer than usual to program a brand new car key.

Obtaining a car keys replacement or car key cutting from a local dealership is an option as most people are unaware of the existence of automotive locksmiths capable of creating keys for Mercedes-Benz automobiles. While the dealership is an excellent location to have your keys copied or manufactured from scratch, it is far more expensive and significantly slower than using an automotive locksmith. Dealerships do not maintain a stock of blank keys that can be immediately programmed into your vehicle and need to purchase a new key blank using your vehicle’s VIN, which generally takes 3-5 days but can take up to 10 days in some circumstances because they order these parts from Germany. You will also need to have your automobile towed to the dealership, which adds to the cost. Additionally, if you own a single vehicle, you will need to use public transportation or rent a car during the period required to manufacture your key, which can burn a hole in your pocket.

Mercedes lost car keys

Alternatively, taking the help of an auto locksmith if you’re in need of a car lockout service, car keys replacement or car key cutting helps you save money as well as time. Several highly competent automotive locksmiths are capable of creating replacement Mercedes-Benz automobile keys. A professional automotive mobile locksmith is equipped with all the necessary instruments to create a brand new car key for your Mercedes-Benz, even if you have lost all of your keys. Unlike the dealer, who must use your VIN and place an order for a key that may take three to ten days to arrive, an auto locksmith can visit your location and produce the key on the spot. Typically, the cost depends on the type and year of your vehicle. Due to the automotive locksmith’s primary concentration on automobile key replacement, they maintain a huge inventory of key blanks to ensure that you do not have to wait for any parts to come. Additionally, a skilled auto locksmith can also provide emergency automobile lockout services, ignition repair and replacement, ignition rekeying, door lock replacement, damaged key extraction, and key programming.

A mobile auto locksmith will come to the site of the vehicle, saving you the expense of having it towed. For instance, when you search on Google “auto locksmith London”, your only obligation should be to ensure that the person has experience creating keys for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, as Mercedes-Benz keys are unique from regular car keys. Depending on your location, you may easily locate a professional auto locksmith near you. And an experienced auto locksmith ensures that both you and your vehicle are in good hands!