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by UK Auto Locksmith
2 years ago

People lose their car keys and require new ones daily. The process gets sophisticated constantly, requiring professional car keys replacement services like ours to update our skills accordingly. You can also play your part in the procedure by providing us with vital information to speed up the process. One of these is your car key number.

This article will explore how critical this code is and how you can access it when necessary.

What Is the Key Number?

It represents the exact number combination that key cutters require to establish which bits to cut off when creating a new car key.

Why Do I Need to Know My Key Number?

An emergency car locksmith has machines that can create your key in some minutes when you know the code. Without it, we first contact your dealership and then proceed to take your lock apart if they also don’t have that information. This process wastes time and money. It can also cause a lot of inconveniences if you need to use your vehicle urgently.

How to Find a Key Number for the Car?

How Can I Get a Key Made for My Car Without a Key?

The usual procedure for creating a new car key is to use the outline of the old one. Without that, you will have to guess the shape, which is nearly impossible.  You can save yourself a lot of trouble if you know the car key number. This code provides information about the inside of your car lock without the need to take it apart. Key cutters only require the code to create a replica in no time.  Car dealerships keep this code in their database to help you create a new key if you request it.

What If You Use a Keyless Remote Car?

It is possible to create a new entry for keyless remote cars too.  At UK Auto Locksmith, we only require the car key number for us to do the necessary key programming.

Where to Find Your Car Key Number

Your car key number depends on the type and model you have. This number used to be stamped on the lock to help car owners whenever they lost their keys.  The process required locksmiths to take your lock apart to see the outline of the key from the inside.  With the type of ignitions and locks available today, the procedure has become too complex. Different manufacturers have ways to help customers find their car key numbers more easily.


The information is usually on a small black tag you get when you buy a Ford car. Other versions supply this information on an actual information card. Salespersons are supposed to keep a record of your Ford car key number at the sales branch. Most dealerships, however, forget or ignore this vital information.


Vauxhall keeps accurate records of their car key numbers in a central data store and can retrieve them for you in less than 24 hours.  They also provide car key number information on a security card when you buy it. It is in the wallet that they add you for free.

Japanese and Korean Manufacturers

Manufacturers such as Toyota, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and Honda, do not give any cards to customers but also keep excellent records. Dealerships can easily access the information for you when you request it.

Other Manufacturers

Car key repair replacement for Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda can be a nightmare. Even the dealerships are not allowed access to this information. n such cases, you require an excellent auto locksmith to pick the lock apart to work out the shape of your key. The process is complex and sensitive and can cost a lot.  It is also why we prompt you about the importance of car key numbers before you require a new one.

Can You Get a Key Code from the VIN?

You decode your factory key code and manufacturer’s number from the VIN. This feature is available for cars manufactured by General Motors and Hyundai.


Top-quality car key programming requires exceptional skills and experience. At UK Auto Locksmith, we can help you replace your lost car keys regardless of the model.

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