Can an Ignition Key Be Made Without the Original Key?

by UK Auto Locksmith
2 years ago

You never know when you might suddenly need to make an ignition key because you have misplaced your car keys. These kinds of situations have a tendency of happening at the worst possible moments when you really can’t afford to be delayed.

If this has ever happened to you, then you know how important it is to always have a reliable locksmith on hand to replace a car key or help you with ignition switch repairs.

The value of your car is such that you cannot simply ask around for any “Locksmith near me,” because chances are you might end up putting your trust in the wrong people. Things such as car key FOB repair need to be left to the experts, which is why we are here to help.

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How Do I Find My Ignition Code?

The obvious thing to do when you lose your car key is to fetch the spare and use that one instead. However, what if you do not have a spare key? Well, the good thing is that there is another solution you can try.

You will need to get a replacement key made by a professional locksmith unless you want to remove the entire unit. To replace a car key you will need an ignition code. This is what the locksmith will use to make a new copy of your original key.

The ignition code can be found in several places, such as:

  • In the documentation that comes with the car
  • Engraved as a code on the key
  • On a metal plate attached somewhere on the car, for example, in the glove compartment
  • Scratched or engraved on the lock

Is It Possible To Replace the Ignition Switch?

If your locksmith feels that the best and safest solution is to completely replace the Ignition switch, rather than simply make an ignition key, then this is possible by following these steps:

Ignition Switched Is Removed

Your car battery will need to be disconnected and the steering column taken off if it is in the way. Once the trim around the steering has been removed, the ignition switch should become fully visible. By turning the lock to the accessory position, the release pin can be pressed to allow the entire ignition switch to come off.

Replacement Is Installed

The next step will be for your locksmith to install a replacement ignition switch.  Your new switch will have a release pin similar to the original, which can be pressed before sliding the unit into the correct position until it clicks into place.

Once it is securely fitted, the battery can be reconnected to test if everything is turning properly and the car is starting. If there is any issue with the ignition switch, the battery should be disconnected and the process repeated until the car starts properly.

Ignition Key

Do You Need a New Key When Replacing the Ignition Switch?

Yes, a new ignition switch will have to come with its own new set of keys. The irritating part will be that you will now have to walk around with two keys; one for the ignition, and the other for unlocking the doors, although this is not a major inconvenience for most people.

The alternative will be to replace all the doors with similar locks to the ignition switch. However, it is always safer (and cheaper) to just get a separate ignition key and leave all the other original locks as they are.

 Final Word

If you want the job to be done the right way then you need to call reliable locksmith professionals to assist you. At UK Auto Locksmith, we have years of experience helping stranded motorists with ignition switch repairs and similar car lock replacement issues.

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