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by UK Auto Locksmith
1 year ago

If you’re going through the frustrating experience of having accidentally locked yourself out of your vehicle, the first thought that crosses your mind is contacting an auto locksmith. But before you start searching for an “auto locksmith near me” read on to learn a few tips and tricks on what to do before you hit the speed dial button and call up an auto locksmith.

Simple ways to Open a Locked Car Door

One of the most practical solutions is to always have an extra or spare key handy. You can use a small magnetic box that sticks to the car’s framework or metal surface, but remember to place it in a hard-to-access and obscure area where it doesn’t jiggle or become loose and fall off. It makes more sense to get a replacement or spare key made and keep it securely in your wallet or purse and always carry it with you instead of hiding it in the car itself.

How to Open Locked Vehicle Doors

Before you begin your frantic search for emergency locksmiths, check what tools you have with you at your disposal along with the type of car you have. But most importantly, check the type of locks that are installed in your vehicle.

If your car has the old-fashioned door locks with small buttons on the ledge of the window, a thin wire coat hanger will do the job. All you need to do is straighten the hanger and subsequently bend its end into a small hook. Next, insert it between the side window and rubber molding and hook it around the car’s door button carefully. Pull it up and your vehicle’s door will be unlocked.

If your vehicle has smooth buttons, use the hanger technique. But this method will fail in most cases. The next option is using a wedge or doorstop along with a lengthy metallic rod. Insert the doorstop or wedge into the top of the vehicle’s door and make an opening, place the rod in the opening and utilize it to push down on the car’s unlock button.

But remember that you would require the correct equipment for both these methods to work. And, if your car has door locks that are recessed inside its interior door handle, your best bet is to contact an auto locksmith or emergency locksmiths.

If you accidentally lock yourself out of your car while the trunk is open, you might be able to gain access to the car’s rear by moving the rear seat or hide an additional ignition key in the vehicle’s trunk or your toolbox or emergency car kit.

Tips to Consider on How to Open Car if Keys are Locked Inside

Electronic Car Door Openers

A majority of new vehicles come equipped with digital keys or electronic door openers that prevent locking the car doors while the keys are left in the vehicle. But if you lose or misplace the gadget, it can take several days and a hefty bill to replace it. Moreover, you might need to tow the vehicle to a dealership to get a new key.

If you lose the door opener outside your car, the ignition might not start without the gadget. Some cars have an override switch, and you need to locate it. All car keys are coded by car manufacturers, and if you have the personal identification and key code number, a car locksmith can easily create a new key. You may need the vehicle identification number (VIN). It always helps if you are aware of when your car was manufactured, the model, and the make.

How to Unlock your Car with a Cell Phone?

If you need car keys replacement, there are several car apps that enable you to unlock your vehicle without breaking a window or your bank. There are many new cars that offer free Android and Apple apps that enable you to control your car minus keys. The apps function by turning your smartphone into secondary key fobs enabling you to unlock, lock, and start your car remotely. All you need to do is pair your vehicle’s key with the mobile app before you end up locking yourself out of your vehicle.

The next time, you need an “auto locksmith near me” or require car keys replacement, consider the above tips to salvage your day. But do remember that although these tips might be handy and save you a lot of hassle and money, contacting a trusted and dependable auto locksmith can be the best option as an expert can do the job in the quickest possible time. Also, you can never go wrong when you sign up with one who has excellent reviews as you get an idea about the quality of workmanship and a fair price deal.