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by UK Auto Locksmith
1 year ago

Many situations call for a new car alarm remote. The most common among them is losing car keys. You may also have bought a used car that came with one or none at all.

A few solutions exist for replacing these car keys, but they come at a cost. This is not that much compared to the amount you may have spent on a car. You can’t put a price on your car’s security.

This article explores ways that you can replace your car’s alarm remote if you ever have to.

Why Is the Car Alarm Remote so Important to the Car’s Security?

Your car’s alarm remote does more than just turn your security on and off. It also locks your car doors, opens and closes your boot, and allows you to ignite your engine with a button.

There are many reasons why this security system is necessary for protecting your car.

  • The first is that nobody can pick the lock of your car that uses an alarm remote because there is none. This eliminates many of the intruders you have to worry about.
  • It comes in handy when you forget to lock up and have to walk back to your car. You can do that from a distance. Security systems like this save you time and effort.
  • Fumbling car keys in a dark environment is common with keys that you stick in a lock and turn. This system allows you to unlock your car with a simple button.
  • Car alarm remotes have evolved so that your car doesn’t start unless they are inside. Thieves find this security system frustrating since it prevents them from driving your vehicle away, even after unlocking the doors.

Manufacturers keep developing other ways to make this system more beneficial for car owners.


What Do You Do If You Lose Your Car Alarm Remote?

You have to do two things when you lose your car alarm remote: get another alarm remote and reprogram it for your car.

Getting Another Alarm Remote

There are different ways to get another car alarm remote.

The easiest way is to contact your car dealership to request another alarm remote for your car. You pay if your warranty doesn’t cover the cost or if it has expired.

Another way to get the car alarm remote is to find one on an auction site. These are usually from owners of similar cars who have sold them.

Local junkyards keep a selection of used car alarm remotes that they sell. They are well labeled according to year and model. These are usually cheaper than those acquired using the first two methods.

Recently, third-party aftermarket alarm remotes exist that can offer the same signals as that of your car’s manufacturer.

You have to program your replacement car key for your vehicle after acquiring it.

Programming Your Car Alarm Remote

Programming your car alarm remote requires a rebuild kit and battery alongside your device.

Steps for programming car alarm remotes vary for every manufacturer. A Vauxhall car key replacement will differ from that of a Mercedes.

The following generalises the process to give you an idea of what you should do:

  • Switch the car’s ignition to accessories mode.
  • Locate the alarm system computer and set the dip switch. This should allow the settings for reprogramming to kick in.
  • Hold the unlock button on the alarm remote until the door locks open.
  • Set the dip switch back to its previous state and turn off your car.
  • Try using your new alarm remote to ensure it is working well.

You should note that several manufacturers allow you to program only two remotes at any time.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Car Alarm Remote?

The cost of replacing your car alarm remote varies depending on many factors. This includes how you get the new one, the type of manufacturer, car model type and year, and reprogramming kits.

You also factor in how much you will pay a lockout service if you don’t do it yourself. The best way is to get quotes to do a comparative analysis.


Replacing your car alarm remote may seem complicated, but it is simple for a professional.

You can save yourself a lot of time just by reaching out to them. This also prevents a lot of trouble that comes from errors and complications that may occur.

Finding such services is as easy as running a “locksmith for cars near me” search. You will get a listing of people in your location to help you.

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