How to Fix a Snapped Car Key? - UK Auto Car Locksmith

by UK Auto Locksmith
2 years ago

When a car key breaks in half, it can leave you feeling frustrated and clueless about how you’re going to operate your car. However, all hope is not lost. You can easily get a torn car key fixed with the help of an auto locksmith service.

There are steps these experts can take to resolve the situation. UK Auto Locksmith has precision engineering services that allow the experts to fix your torn car – a reason why you need to reach out to UK Auto Locksmith when in need of a torn car key repair service.

Who Do I Need to Call?

Don’t try to repair the broken key by yourself. You can easily call a locksmith or dealership for replacement car keys services. If you contact a professional, you can save a lot of time and frustration. Moreover, you will be able to save some money in the future; if you make a poor repair job, you will have to purchase a new key.

Why Don’t People Call the Dealership?

Most people dread calling the dealership, as buying spare parts from the dealership is always on the pricey end. However, you’ll get the exact key for your car, but you may have to dig deep into your pocket.

Even though you’ll get the exact key, the process may take a lot of time that you may not have. You can also resolve to devise means that’ll give you a temporary fix, like using super glue on the broken car key as you wait on the dealership key, which is inconvenient. Another good option is using public transportation or hoping to drive with a friend to accommodate your situation, totally inconveniencing.

Calling a Locksmith Near Me

When you want swift services, the best option is to call a car locksmith. They’ll come to your aid and make a new key for you. UK Auto Locksmith has programmable chips that help in the car key programming process. The key code can be acquired and replicated on new keys to make it functional. It is a quick way to have your torn car key replaced. The experts are also trained and knowledgeable about a car key fob replacement.

What If Your Key Breaks in the Door?

Can I Glue My Car Key Together?

While it may be a temporary fix, it’s not the best way to fix a broken car key. The key can break while inserted in the ignition position, making your situation worse. If you’re trying to go this route, definitely use gel type glue that takes more time to dry than a runny one.

Additionally, use an amount that is enough to cover the metal wire or the toothpick. The glue should never be used in ignition locks. One wrong move will make the problem worse with time-consuming tumblers replacement. The best way to fix a broken key is by calling an auto locksmith service.

What If Your Key Breaks in the Door?

There are undoubtedly other ways to curb such a situation other than panicking. You may feel like there is no way of accessing your car when the other half of your key is half on the hand and half on the keyhole. Call UK Auto Locksmith to help you remove the key, as they have the right tools to remove the key effectively.

The experts use a key extractor tool to remove the key from the car hole. There are other cases where the process requires drilling, but it’s the last resort. After the expert removes the key, they’ll undertake a key replacement right there, ensuring you have access to your car.

Call Proficient Car Lockout Service

If you need a car lockout service or fixing a broken car key in London, contact UK Auto Locksmith today. Our experts are approved by MLA and can successfully repair a torn car key, provide car key replacement, and offer car key programming services.

At such a frustrating time, a reputable expert is all you’ll need, especially if they can respond quickly to your call. UK Auto Locksmith will be by your side 30 minutes after you call to resolve any issues you may have. Our smart high-tech equipment has also ensured we carry out any broken car key repair service on time. Call us today at 020-3880-9904.