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by UK Auto Locksmith
2 years ago

A broken car key is not exactly what anyone wants as they go about their daily business. You can sometimes find yourself in a tricky situation if you don’t have replacement car keys on hand.

Luckily, a professional car locksmith can provide fast and efficient broken car key repair or replacement in no time. Call UK Auto Locksmith anytime and we will be at your location anywhere in London within 30 minutes! Call us for an instant quote on 02038809904.

Here are a few FAQs on what to do if your car key breaks and how to get it repaired.

Can you Fix a Broken Key Yourself? 

Never attempt to fix a broken key by yourself. DIY solutions are likely to cause further problems. Do not put superglue on a key- especially in the ignition. If you make a single wrong move, you could end up with an extremely costly and time-consuming repair on your hands.

The best thing is always to contact somebody who knows exactly what they are doing. It may cost something to call in professional car locksmith services, but it costs much more to replace electronic car parts because glue melted inside them.

What If Your Key Breaks in the Door?

Ideally, you want to get the key out as soon as possible to avoid any damage to the lock or ignition, but not at the expense of the car. In the best-case scenario, you can see the end of the broken car key sticking out enough to pull it out using your fingers.

Ah, if life was always so kind. More often than not, a break happens at the same level as the surface, making it much trickier to remove by yourself. There are, however, a couple of things you can try if there is a little bit of key on show.

First, you can try using a strong magnet. Depending on how deeply the key is stuck, this may be enough to pull it back out.

If you have needle nose plyers, you might be lucky enough to get some grip on the edge and tease it out slowly. Please note that you could just as easily make the situation worse by doing this, so we do not advise it unless you know what you are doing.

Again, the best solution is to call an auto locksmith. Cars are not toys that you can play around with unless you are ready to cop the expense afterward. It is well worth paying a professional to get the job done well- quickly, safely, carefully, and effectively.

How to Fix a Broken Car Key?

Can you Duplicate a Broken Car Key? 

Yes, you can. A professional car lockout service such as UK Auto Locksmiths can copy almost any broken key without much trouble. It is worthwhile to always have an extra key copy somewhere to make it easier to repair or replace the original.

How Much does it Cost to Fix a Broken Car Key?

The cost of a broken car key fix depends mostly on the type of key you have. It also varies from situation to situation. If, for example, part of the key is stuck inside the door, it is likely to cost more than one you can carry into a shop.

Simple key cutting is not expensive. A basic car key can cost less than £10 to replace. However, most modern cars use more intricate devices that require more attention. The average cost of repairing a broken car key is between £50 and £250. Stolen or lost car keys may cost more if the signal needs reprogramming, but your expert locksmith can discuss specifics on a case-by-case basis.

Also, bear in mind the call-out fee if a locksmith needs to travel to where you are stranded. UK Auto Locksmiths maintain competitive fees that are excellent value for the premium service we provide.


In short, broken car key repair requires professional attention if you want it done right. Whether it is savable or needs to be replaced, you want the very best to do it for you.

If you find yourself left holding nothing more than a stub, get on the phone straight away to the UK Auto Locksmiths.