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by UK Auto Locksmith
2 years ago

A car’s key code is necessary when you want to replace your car keys with a locksmith or dealership. Finding the key can be simple, but other times, it can be difficult and require a little investigation. The car’s key code is usually found on the vehicle’s manual that came with the car when it was new.

If you don’t have the vehicle’s manual, don’t panic, there are other areas you can check to find the car’s key code. Essentially, the key code can be on your car key, metal plates on the gloves department, or the lock’s housing. Calling UK Auto Locksmith at 02038809904 is paramount; as these experts can help you retrieve your car key code for key replacement.

How Is a Car Key Coded?

A key code is a code that indicates which key will open the car lock. Moreover, it also specifies which blank to use or the criteria to cut it. A key cut to code should meet the manufacturer’s specifications to open the car door.

Car keys are coded through car key programmingBasically, the process involves a pre-set blank chip that is reprogrammed and put on new sets of car keys to match the current car settings. The process can only be done by a reputable car locksmith and allows you to access your vehicle once again. It mainly follows three significant steps:

  • Assessment: The experts will assess your car to determine its make, the year of the vehicle, plus its model. This will help determine the right blank chip and the tools needed for the reprogramming task.
  • Programming: Here, the expert will program the car key chip or transponder chip. They can even clone the key if possible and the circumstances required of it.
  • Testing: After the key programming process, the experts will test the reprogrammed key to determine if it works. It entails inserting the key into the ignition, leaving the coded key in the ignition position for 10 to 30 minutes, and then turning it back to the off position. If it doesn’t work, the experts will continue the reprogramming process until the key finally works.

The car programming process can be done on different car keys, namely:

  • Remote key fobs
  • Transponder key for a car
  • Flip keys with key cards

Who Can Code a Key?

Who Can Code a Key?

A certified UK Auto Locksmith does car key programming. Although this can be a bummer for DIY enthusiasts, who are always ready to get their hands dirty, it’s important to evade the chances of other people reprogramming a transponder key for your car as they can steal your car.

We specifically offer key reprogramming services. Plus, provide other keycode related services like repairing key fobs and providing a spare for immobiliser keys. The equipment we have ensures we properly reprogram a car key chip to fit your car settings in the best way possible.

Moreover, we have access to the manufacturer’s pin code to cross-check and ensure we meet the manufacturer’s specifications as outlined.

Have a Code for Keyless Remote Entry in Cars?

If your car is operated by a remote keyless entry, a certified UK Auto Locksmith can still perform key programming. It’s different from key code programming. Here, the experts are licensed and have been given codes by the manufacturers.

We also have the knowledge to program a new remote keyless entry to work. Moreover, there are keyless entries that have a metal key on them. These types need to be cut as they have embedded chips that must be reprogrammed to work with a specific car.

Call the UK Auto Locksmith Today for Car Key Code Services

Car key programming requires expertise and skill to exceptionally attain satisfactory results. UK Auto Locksmith offers that and so much more. Our experts have years of experience and smart technology that puts them in the right position to provide proficient services.

Don’t let a lost car key give you a reason to worry. Contact a reputed expert today. If you’re in London and require key car programming services or any other locksmith related services, reach out to UK Auto Locksmith at 020-3880-9904 for a quote. We’ll be able to reach you in just 30 minutes after calling anywhere in London.