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by UK Auto Locksmith
2 years ago

You can’t ignore some issues with your car when they occur. An example is when you have to change your door locks. It means leaving your car at home or risk driving it with no security when you park.

This article will help you understand how much it costs to change your car locks and help you plan how to get it done as quickly as possible.

What Are the Common Reasons to Change Your Car Lock?

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to change your car lock:

Damaged Car Lock

There are several reasons for car lock damage. Most common among them is through an accident or when crooks try to force their way into your car.  These situations cause the locking mechanism to become stiff or loose and unusable. Other times, cold weather or dirt cause the locks to malfunction.

Broken Key

Some cars require you to insert a key to lock the doors and open the booth. After a while, your car key becomes brittle and snaps off in the lock.  In such a situation, you can’t use your car until you replace the locking mechanism. This problem represents one advantage that the new car alarm remote keys have over the old ones.

Stolen or Lost Car Keys

It is human nature to lose things, and your car keys are no exception. You can easily misplace them, or someone can steal them.  Getting a new key is okay, but you should also change the locks for security reasons. The thief or anyone with the old one will not have access to your car when you do this.

Ignition Replacement

Most cars use the same key for locking the doors and turning on the ignition. This condition requires that you get a new set of car keys when you change your ignition mechanism.  You don’t want to carry two keys every time: the new one for the ignition and the old one for the door lock.  Whenever you change your ignition, replace your door locks to match the new car key and avoid this inconvenience.

Change Your Car Lock?

What’s Involved in Changing a Lock?

Changing your car locks is a technical procedure. Any error can mess up your car’s electrical systems and complicate your problem.

You first have to remove the panel on your car door panel.  Before doing that, carefully remove the speakers in the door and the window regulation mechanism screwed to it. This step will allow you to pry off the door without breaking anything. Disconnect the exposed electrical connections to give you a clear view of the locks, and ensure that you don’t damage any wires.  Lift and remove the c-spring clip with your pliers to release the door lock.

You can now remove it from the front of the car door. Fix the new door lock through the same opening and push down the c-spring lockdown over it. Make sure this is tight so you can put the door lock rod back into the latch. Reverse your earlier steps to connect your electrical wires and get your door panel back in place.  Insert your speakers and any other things you took out. Test the lock, your windows, speakers, and other electrical systems to ensure everything works.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Car Locks?

You can get any of the several car keys replacement services around to change your car locks. This service comes at a price but is worth it, considering the time and effort you will save following the procedure described above. The prices differ according to the reason why you want to change your lock.

Below is a list of the starting prices you should expect when you hire any car locksmith:

  • Lockout: £99.
  • Lost Car Keys: £149.
  • Car Key Repair: £129.
  • Copying Car Key: £129.
  • Car Key Replacement: £129.
  • Ignition Repair or Replacement: £249.


Make sure you get only the best quality of work when paying to change your car locks.  Try searching online and reading reviews of car key programming and replacement services within your area. This method is an excellent way to find professionals to help you out.

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