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by UK Auto Locksmith
3 years ago

Cutting a car key, seemingly a straightforward process, in reality, requires a great deal of skill. A reliable auto locksmith service should be able to provide the right tools, practical knowledge, and expertise, to assess a given situation and understand what needs to be done. 

An expert locksmith can handle car key cutting with relative ease in a short period of time, but the process does involve certain technical knowledge. A dealership may provide this service, but at a higher cost than is necessary, and without the flexibility of mobile services. 

Today, car keys use a transponder chip. It secures the car with anti-theft technology, effectively preventing anyone but the owner from operating your car. It ensures that nothing other than the original key can be used, and this protects your vehicle in the long run. These keys are characterized by a built-in that enables you to lock and unlock the car’s doors from a remote access point.  

Key Cutting in the Form of Coding

An essential car key cutting technique is the process of ‘Coding’. It is carried out in two ways: through blind codes or bitting codes. A bitting code is the information or number that a locksmith uses on a blank key, whereas, the blind code is a standard operation used to extract biting data using specialized programs.  

It is important to note that most modern-day keys use a blind code. Therefore, it is critical to take help from a professional auto locksmith service provider to ensure that key cutting is handled safely and efficiently. The provider will have codes that can be utilized for the process, making it a relatively simple process.  

The code may, however, be printed on the car key. In such cases, it is inscribed on the front plate of the lock, as is the standard for older car models. When you buy the vehicle, you will have access to the code from your dealer – all you need to do is request for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN.)

In cases where most of the straightforward approaches to car key cutting fail, a skiller auto locksmith should be able to dismantle the key lock. The code is normally embedded on the lock barrel, so the key cutter has got to open up the lock. He can then access the code; it must be noted that this is a process best left to a professional. Errors in any of the stages in the key cutting process may cause lasting damage, and will prove to be an expensive affair. 

Revising the Pattern of the Car Key

Irrespective of the tool used for cutting the car key, the main step involves accessing a blank key that can be cut to replace the original. For a new car key to be created, the locksmith should understand the pattern of the pins’ internal layout, and develop another one accordingly. This is no simple task.  

Types of Devices that can be Used for Car Key Cutting 

During the process of cutting, two sets of grips are used on an electronic computerized system to duplicate the key from the original version’s stylus. The computer replicates the configuration of the stylus. This system then creates the very same structure embedded onto the blank key.  

Is the Original Required?

The simple answer is, not necessarily. Your VIN is sufficient – the auto locksmith can configure the new car keys based on this information. 

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