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by UK Auto Locksmith
3 years ago

If you’re one of those people who keep postponing your search for a trusted and reliable car locksmith or think that you are one of the most careful persons in the world who will never misplace or lose your car key, it’s time to sort out your priorities and heed that alarm call sounding at the back of your head. Even the best of us are at our wit’s end when faced with a lost car key situation or suddenly need car keys replacement or car key programming. And if you require specialized services like a car key replacement for your mini cooper, the price could burn a hole in your pocket. Scroll down to learn more about the key factors that influence the cost of replacement car keys.

Reasons Affecting the Cost of a Car Key Replacement

There are 4 aspects that primarily influence the price of car keys replacement, viz., the make of the car, the car’s model, the edition or specifications, and the year of registration.
Although there is no fixed price for a specific car manufacturer’s key, various models use different keys and hence the price of car keys replacement differs from one model to another.
And this is one of the primary reasons why the cost of a replacement car key varies. The price of replacing a car key also fluctuates as particular specifications and editions upgrades could imply an upgradation to the car keys.

There are other factors that can have an impact on the cost of car key replacement and car key cutting and programming. For instance, if you don’t have the immobilizer code and a record of the car’s key number, you could end up paying more as the dealer could charge an additional fee for it. Additionally, a majority of dealers function as franchises, and hence the cost of replacing your car key could differ from one franchise to another. Also, the dealer’s location could impact the final price of car keys replacement and car key programming.

Breakdown of Pricing by Car Dealers

If you opt for a car dealer for car keys replacement or car key programming, you should factor in the budget for the price of towing your car to the dealer’s workshop. This could drive the price up considerably. Typically, there are 3 elements that are included in the bill:

  •  The Raw Key – You need to buy an unprogrammed, uncut blank remote key.
  • Car Key Cutting – The key blade will require cutting to code so that it fits your locks. This includes even proximity keyless entry keys and key cards. Additional fees may be charged for supplying an immobilizer code and a key number.
  • Car Key Programming

What makes replacing car keys an expensive affair?

Most of us who have been lucky enough to never lose a car key are in for a rude shock when they find out the exorbitant cost of replacing car keys. The cost of acquiring a blank key can be costly for a dealer or a car locksmith, and this pushes up the price for you. Also, cutting a blank car key with automated state-of-the-art machines adds to the replacement cost of car keys. The labor fee is also high as it takes up to an hour for cutting and programming car keys. New and improved technology along with the use of proximity keyless start keys, add up to the high cost of car key replacement.

Factors impacting a mini car key replacement cost, UK

Where does a Car Locksmith Score Over Dealerships

The primary advantage of choosing a car locksmith for car keys replacement or car key programming is a considerable amount of cost-saving as compared to a dealership. There are several reasons why car locksmiths can offer a lower and competitive price. For instance, car locksmiths purchase blank car keys at a much cheaper rate in bulk and have a lower operating cost as compared to most dealerships.

Although the cost of a new replacement car key depends on several factors like the location of the vehicle and its age, it is always advisable to opt for a reliable name. This ensures that you will get a fair price, top-notch craftsmanship, and a great experience in terms of customer service.