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2 years ago

Have you lost your car keys again? You’re probably not alone.

According to statistics, 43 per cent (or 16 million) of all motorists in the UK misplace their car keys regularly and approximately £180 million is spent on replacing car keys each year.

Fortunately, you can look in a few common places where people tend to leave their keys. Try retracing your steps and searching these places before you panic.

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The Most Popular Places Where Most People Leave Their Keys 

Here are a few good places to begin your search:

In Your Vehicle 

People tend to attempt to move all their shopping bags in one go. If you’ve taken shopping bags out of the trunk, you may have left your keys on the roof or in the trunk, so your car is a good place to start.

Moreover, when you’re distracted, you can forget to take your keys with you when you leave your vehicle, so if you cannot find them, they may still be in the ignition.

On the Front Door 

If you’ve attached your front door keys to your car keys, you may have left them on the door on your way in, so that would be a good place to look.

Pants or Coat Pockets

Another commonplace to leave your keys is in your jeans, coats, and jackets first. In most cases, your keys are nearby, so check all your pockets first to spare yourself some stress.

In the Bathroom

Most people head to the bathroom as soon as they get home. If you’ve taken your car keys with you, you may have left them behind next to the sink. It’s easy to do this if you’re thinking about dinner or washing your hands.

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Tips to Help You Remember How to Find Lost Car Keys 

Suppose you lose your car keys regularly. In that case, here are a few tips to help you find them:

  1. Don’t Panic!

When you realize that you’ve misplaced your car keys, the natural reaction is to panic. While this is a natural reaction, it won’t help you find your keys.

Try to remain calm and begin your search. Retrace your steps and search the place you last saw your keys. Remember that you may have missed them the first time you checked, and double-checking can’t hurt.

Don’t just search the same places, though. Look systematically, crossing off each area as you search it.

places to find lost keys

  1. Use a Key Finder

Finding missing keys is particularly difficult because they switch places several times each day. To prevent lost keys, get a smart key finder that you can attach to the keys and link to your smartphone. Next time you lose your keys, use your phone to find them!

  1. Reduce the Clutter

The truth is that people tend to search areas that are free from clutter, so ensuring that your space is always tidy can help you find your keys a lot faster. If you can’t find your keys, you should start by reducing the clutter.


Who Should I Call if I Can Not Find the Keys to My Car? 

Suppose none of the above methods help you find your keys. In that case, hiring a car locksmith may be your only option. Locksmiths replace car keys and can allow you to access your vehicle again.

However, keep in mind that replacing your keys may take time. If we do not have blank keys for your vehicle, we’ll have to order one. Our technicians will have to remove the old key from the car’s database and reprogram it to accept a new key.


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Are Lost Car Keys Covered by Insurance?

Yes, many of them do. You’ll need to read through the terms of your car insurance to determine whether you have car lockout coverage.

Replacement keys could cost you up to £1,500 in some cases. You will also need to pay an additional cost for reprogramming your vehicle’s alarm and immobilizer.

Your car insurance should cover these costs, so remember to keep the receipts. Suppose you are stranded and use public transportation. In that case, your insurance may cover these costs.

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No one plans to lose their car keys, but it does happen. If you’ve exhausted all avenues and still cannot seem to find your keys, you can contact us to have them replaced.

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