What should you do if you require a Car Key Replacement BMW - UK Auto Locksmith.

by UK Auto Locksmith
3 years ago

You meticulously go through a mental checklist before you leave home or office. But there are times when even the most careful amongst us tend to misplace our car keys and stare at a lost car keys situation that makes us break into a cold sweat in panic and frustration. So what should be your next move when faced with such a nerve-wracking situation and need a car lockout service? Scroll down to learn more about dealing with a nightmarish car lockout experience and how you could be better prepared, particularly if you need car keys replacement, car key programming, or specialized services like a replacement for your BMW’s keys.

The first option is to contact an auto locksmith who provides a mobile car lockout service for vehicles, particularly BMW automobiles. The second option is to make arrangements to have your car towed to a dealership, and the third option is to search online and order a key and have an auto locksmith or dealer cut as well as program it.

First, make sure that you don’t have a replacement key. Almost all of us keep one stashed away in a secure location in our house as a backup option. Jog your memory and make a mental note of where you put it. But if you can’t remember or haven’t bothered to get a spare one made and decide to call an auto locksmith, be sure to tell the person the specific model, make, and year of your vehicle. This is necessary so that the locksmith can check whether or not he/she has the correct transponder key, key blank or key fob.

Always enquire as to whether you require car key programming or coding as it is not a prerequisite for all models of vehicles. If you believe you require a new lock cylinder or ignition switch, it is wise to first check to see if you do not merely require a replacement key. When it comes to a BMW, replacing the ignition is much more costly as compared to purchasing a replacement car key and you will end up with two keys: one for the ignition and another for the doors, which is inconvenient.

car key replacement bmw

Whenever you contact an auto locksmith for a replacement car key, inquire as to whether you can collect the new key physically or if you must tow the vehicle there. If the car key doesn’t start the engine, you should also explain whether or not this is the first time this has occurred or it is a recurrent problem.

Inform the locksmith or dealer if you had replaced the ignition cylinder prior to this because this may restrict him/her from creating a replacement key using a code. You will need your Vehicle Identification Number and other essential documents to prove vehicle ownership, such as your ID, registration papers, your BMW title certificate, and (if applicable) evidence of insurance. Always ask for an estimate before hiring an auto locksmith. Describe the situation in detail as the car lockout service can be expedited and made more cost-effective. Remember to provide your exact location to avoid a lengthy wait. This may also have an impact on the pricing.

Today, the majority of BMW vehicles are fitted with chips or transponders, so be careful to provide the specific year, make, and model of your vehicle, and inquire as to whether or not the auto locksmith has the tools necessary to code the key in his/her truck. Not every auto locksmith has access to a key coding machine, which is required to programme those car keys. Another factor that works in your favour is contacting an auto locksmith in the event of lost car keys saves you the hassle of towing your vehicle to the dealership or garage. Your trusted automotive locksmith should be able to come to your location and make you a new car key or fob in the quickest possible time.

So don’t let lost car keys define your day. But do remember to sign up with a reliable auto locksmith who can be easily reached and comes to your aid 24X7. After all, you cannot compromise the safety of your vehicle, and most importantly, your peace of mind.