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by UK Auto Locksmith
12 months ago

Electronic keys, which were first used in the 1990s, can be programmed to the engine of your car to provide you with more convenience and security. These keys, which are often referred to as transponder keys or chip keys, are synchronized to your engine. They are the only keys that can start your car’s ignition once they have been programmed. As long as you have two programmed keys, you can quickly reprogram lost signals while seated in the driver’s seat.

How to Recode a Car Key 

Some car brands, such as BMW, will only let you buy a BMW car key replacement through their dealer network provided you possess ownership paperwork and the vehicle’s unique identifying number (VIN).

Such dealer-supplied keys will either arrive programmed or require a self-programming process that is specified in the owner’s manual of the vehicle. Be prepared to pay more for these keys because the manufacturer and the auto dealer want to make money off of your misfortune. The average price is $600 excluding shipping and handling.

A trained car locksmith will be able to cut and program a replacement key for about $350 per call out if you’re fortunate enough to own a Japanese, Korean, or US-made vehicle. Since US and Asian automakers have disclosed their key programming protocols, car lockout services can now purchase specialized key cutting and programming equipment.

To avoid incurring towing fees for transporting the vehicle to a locksmith’s shop, certified car locksmiths that provide this service have mobile service trucks that travel to the location where the car is parked. Locksmith specialists can help with practically all makes and models of vehicles because they have received the necessary training and certification from industry training organizations to cut keys and program transponder chips.

can you recode car keys

What Is Meant by Recoding a Car Key? 

You can always get a car key replacement from the manufacturer if you lose yours, but this may take some time. This is where key programming comes in. With a reprogrammed key, you can get results right away rather than having to wait for a new one to be delivered.

In essence, a pre-set blank chip is reprogrammed and placed into a new car key for you so that it corresponds with the settings of your vehicle at the time. You’ll be able to access and start your car again after doing this.

The following key kinds are those that might need reprogramming:

  • Remote key fobs
  • Integrated transponder chips
  • Flip keys with key card

Can You Recode a Car Key Yourself?

Generally speaking, you can’t program your own car key. Although the internet would lead you to believe otherwise, there are very few car models that support this. However, it can differ according to the country and the manufacturer.

While this may seem like a hassle, it also prevents anyone from programming a key and stealing your car. Thus, it is for the best.

As a result, it’s wise to avoid taking the chance of reprogramming a key yourself and to hire a professional instead.

However, we’ll show you the most basic and generic way to reprogram a remote for the purpose of this article.

The steps listed below can help you program a car key on your own:

Step One:

Make sure the remote and ignition key are in your possession when you enter your vehicle. Ensure that all the doors are shut. If they aren’t, they might ruin the entire reprogramming process.

Step Two:

Set the car’s ignition to “On.” Take your key FOB and click the Lock button after doing that. After hitting the Lock button, turn the key back to the “Off” position.

Step Three:

The second step must be completed three more times. Put the key in the “On” position after the fourth cycle. By doing this, you will signal the electronic control systems of the car that the signal is coming from the ignition key.

Step Four:

It’s important to listen for the locking sound. When you hear that, you know you’ve switched into programming mode. Take your remote control now, and for about five seconds, push the Lock button. Following that, the locks will cycle once again to show that the key has been successfully reconfigured.

Step Five:

It’s important to know that you can program up to three remotes. You must turn the ignition back to the “Off” position to complete the programming operation.

How Much Does It Cost to Recode a Car Key? 

Depending on the equipment and software required to program them, key fobs and ignition key programming might cost anywhere between $40 and $150. Car lockouts services typically cost between $50 and $100. It would be impossible to specify a price for key extraction and rekeying locks as the price varies.

Essentially, it is important to note that some key FOB types can be difficult to reprogram. You might need special hardware in some cases. Getting a licensed car dealer to address the matter can be rather pricey. However, the key can be re-encoded by a mechanic shop or a car locksmith business if they can find your car key code.

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