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by UK Auto Locksmith
5 years ago

Auto Locksmith in Enfield EN1, EN2, EN3

car key duplicate in EnfieldOur auto locksmith services are operating 24 hours per day throughout the year in Enfield. We have received a good reputation for giving excellent client assistance. Our exceptionally trained auto locksmiths have the most recent gear to deal with cars of a large variety of brands and models.

We provide a wide range of car locksmith services therefore you can be certain that you will never come to us and get frustrated with bad quality of assistance that you require. In addition, we ensure that every one of these services are given with the most noteworthy degree of professionalism and efficiency so none of our clients leave us with any hint of frustration.

When reaching out to us, having your vehicle paperwork that we can refer to will help to speed up the process a lot. Our dispatcher may ask for information from the manufacturers to make sure we can solve your auto locksmith issue. This would be information regarding any key codes or pins that you may have been provided with when you purchased your car.
Please do not hesitate to contact us today for any auto locksmith help 02038809904.

Do you need a car key duplicate?

In case if you wish to have a spare set of keys for your car, then the car key duplication service is for you. In order to make a duplicate you need to have a working physical key. Here are the steps that our auto locksmith expert will take to make a duplicate:

  1. Read the existing key with the cutting machine to get the correct cut shape.
  2. Cut a blank blade base based on the obtained code.
  3. Plug our diagnostic tool to the car via the OBD port and the new key to the car.
  4. If this key also requires a transponder chip to be programmed, then transponder key will be programmed by our auto locksmith as well.

We advise to always use the original key for duplication, and every time check to see how the key works before you begin to rely on it.