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by UK Auto Locksmith
2 years ago

Investing in a keyless remote system can be a convenient buy for a car. The keyless system allows people to lock and unlock their cars using a remote transmitter. Overall, the feature is a useful and simple addition to your car. No one wants to fumble around in the dark with a set of keys when they are out in public.

This article will provide the basics on keyless remotes for cars that will allow you to make a more informed decision.

Where Can I Buy a Keyless Remote for My Car?

The first step to buying a keyless remote for your car is to understand what type of key you have. Modern vehicles use a transponder key for a car. It is easy to determine whether your car uses a transponder key because the car has a security light.

Most modern vehicle models already come with built-in systems that accommodate a keyless entry system. If you have a newer car model, then a car dealer will be the place to get replacement car keys, but they can be expensive.

However, older vehicles will need to have a keyless system installed.  Many automotive locksmiths can also add a keyless entry system to your car. If the keyless remote system sounds appealing, then look for a reputable auto locksmith who specialises in car key programming.

Keyless Remote for Cars

How Much Does a Keyless Remote Cost?

The cost of a keyless remote will vary depending on your local locksmith. Research prices online first and compare the market average to know whether you are getting the best price for your keyless remote.

Good indications of price are transponder keys, also called chip keys. These transponders are embedded in the key or a separate fob. It is much cheaper to program a separate fob, but a key and fob will cost twice as much.

Ultimately, the car make and model will also contribute to the fluctuation in price; most car models like Volkswagen can be more painstaking and may incur an additional cost. However, the average cost of a keyless remote can cost between £90 and £150.

It is important to remember that cars, in general, are enhanced with new technology every year. Therefore, not all cars’ keyless remotes will cost the same.

Who Can Program a Keyless Remote?

A car locksmith is usually the go-to person when it comes to programming a keyless remote for a car. These locksmiths have special equipment that can get the job done in a short period. Electrical installation should also be considered, and the wiring is best left to professionals.

It is important to note that, while you can programme a keyless remote yourself, the remote needs to have factory settings that make provision for on-board or DIY programming.

Can I Buy a Key Fob and Program it Myself?

Programming a key fob is usually done by a locksmith, but there are DIY methods. DIY key fob programming will depend on the age of the car. Procedures for programming a key fob yourself may differ.

There are sources available on the internet that can guide you, or manuals provided by an auto dealer will be useful too. DIY programming can save you money.


The benefits of keyless remotes for cars are obvious; they provide a high level of security for vehicle owners. Many people don’t have the time to fumble around with keys when they need to get into their car in a hurry.

Similarly, certain keyless remotes with microchips can also offer anti-theft protection for car owners. Therefore, they are a good addition and worth the investment. People who are interested in keyless remotes can contact a local auto locksmith who has the necessary tools to help them get started.

Programming of keyless remotes can be done by anyone through manuals provided by dealers and online sources. However, it is always best to consult a professional to ensure that the job is done right the first time. It may cost more, but car owners will have peace of mind.

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