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by UK Auto Locksmith
2 years ago

What to do if my Mercedes Sprinter got stolen?

If your Mercedes Sprinter is stolen, contact local law force authorities immediately. Share whatever details you have to offer including your licenses plate number, registration information, and a clear description of the vehicle’s body and style. After speaking with law enforcement, alert your insurance company about the theft. It is a possibility that you will never see the car again. If it is returned, examine the vehicle thoroughly for safety reasons. Additionally, one will need a car keys replacement with a new code.

To prevent future undesirable situations, contact a car locksmith and let them make sure that your Mercedes Sprinter is programmed correctly. A locksmith can additionally help you get back into a returned stolen vehicle, can reprogram the car’s ignition, and can place security equipment in a vehicle such as an ignition shield or immobiliser.

What is Mercedes Sprinter EIS Bypass? 

The Mercedes Sprinter EIS or Electronic Ignition Switch is a feature Mercedes Benz has in place to prevent car theft. What an EIS does is perform a series of tests once a key is placed into the ignition to ensure the key is uniquely identified with the said vehicle. If an incorrect key is placed, the car will not start. An EIS is Mercedes version of an immobiliser system. Not all Sprinter models have reliable ETS.

Consequently, an EIS Bypass is when one attempts to outsmart the system or bypass the security technology put in place by Mercedes Benz. An EIS system can be physically removed from the vehicle. Additionally, thieves may be knowledgeable about EIS clone reprogramming or ket cloning.

Do Sprinter vans get stolen often?

Unfortunately, yes. In fact, Mercedes Sprinters are one of the most common stolen vans in the U.S. Due to a lack of difficulty, thieves are well versed in bypassing Sprinter ignition and reprogramming keys. According to Transpoco Telematics, 860 Sprinters were stolen in 2020 and 1, 135 were stolen in 2019. In total, less than 500 vehicles were recovered.

How easy is it to break into a Mercedes Sprinter?

Breaking into a Mercedes Sprinter is not overly difficult with the right tools and knowledge. The most common way a thief breaks into the vehicle is through a multi-step process. First, they remove the ignition barrel from the car. Secondly, they use special software to determine the most recent vehicle ignition code. Once they learn the code, they use it to add an additional key to the car. This is often referred to as key cloning or code grabbing. In turn, key cloning provides them access to operate the vehicle once they attach a new ignition barrel. Car key programming is of the essence for a thief to successfully occur.

A Code Key is Essential to Mercedes Sprinter Security

Ways to secure your van from being stolen 

One should make sure the car’s ignition system is secure and protected with ECU and ignition shields. These shields will make it more difficult for a thief to break into the ignition area and replace the ignition barrel. Ignition and ECU shields can be installed by a car locksmith or maniac.

Investing in an immobiliser and immobiliser keys is another way to further secure your van from undesirable theft. Immobiliser is the general term for Mercedes’s ETS system. It is imperative to get a state-of-the-art and compatible immobiliser.

The purchasing of cab area deadlocks will further make a theft unattractive to potential thieves. The process will be more complicated and far riskier on their end.

The Bottom Line

Car theft unfortunately is a common crime that can have lasting implications. Mercedes Sprinters are one of the most popular vans to get stolen due to easy key cloning techniques. With a car theft, a locksmith may be a desirable service to contact. 

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