5 Reasons Why You Need to have a Spare Car Key - UK Auto Locksmith.

by UK Auto Locksmith
3 years ago

Lost car keys finds its place in the top bracket of items that one usually misplaces or searches frantically while heading out for office or other work. Under regular circumstances, people do not spare a  thought for spare keys but they realize their importance as soon as something happens to their original key. Let us look at 5 reasons as to why replacement car keys are a vital add-on to your wallet or purse.

It is Cost-Effective

The experience of losing a single key can be distressing and without a spare key, you are left with no other alternative but to get a completely new set of keys and car reprogrammed. Usually, the cost of this replacement leaves you with a hefty bill. If you find a locksmith, the procedure for car key cutting is time-consuming. Also, it is easier to get replacement car keys as the key-forging procedure is much simpler and less costly. 

Provides Security

Spare car keys give you a sense of security as you always have an additional one to get you by in case of unforeseen events such as an accidental car lockout. In such a scenario, all you need to do is call home, get the spare key, and carry on with your day. Also, if you misplace your key on an extremely busy day, you will have your replacement car keys to take your vehicle to the dealership to replace the door locks. This avoids thefts and spares you the trouble of car key programming.

Reduces Key Breaking 

If a single key is used for an extended period, it tends to get worn out and snaps. But having multiple keys gives you the choice to use your car keys alternatively and reduces the strain on a single key making it last much longer. 

Convenient for Two Drivers 

If a car is shared by two drivers, a single key can inadvertently create a situation wherein you are somewhere away with the key and your partner needs to travel and have the keys at the same time. Spare car keys can help you avoid such a situation if you are not able to be in the same place when one of you needs to use the vehicle.

Prevents Lockouts 

A car lockout is always accidental and can be stressful as now your schedule goes haywire and your mobility is locked. Spare keys can put your schedule back on track in case of a car lockout.

Auto locksmiths provide you with the ease of key replacement. Most car keys can be cloned by auto locksmiths just like a house key. A car locksmith uses a machine to do car key cutting in a matter of a few seconds. Having a spare key saves you time spent on searching for lost car keys in moments of crisis, avoid footing unnecessary hefty bills, and spares you the hassles of car key programming and stress of hunting for a car locksmith stranded on a highway or a deserted street.